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Transform Yourself. Transform the World.

At Naropa University you will be earning more than just a bachelor’s degree. You will enter a transformative process. Through the alchemical process of contemplative education you will meet: Yourself. Your community. A creative space for exploration. Resilience, presence and compassion will be your friends along the way. Naropa provides the crucible-like container to facilitate transformative change.

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Naropa University is a private, nonprofit, liberal arts university offering many unique undergraduate degree programs. Our undergraduate majors are in the arts, education, environmental studies, peace studies, psychology and religious studies disciplines.

Transfer students follow the same application process and are afforded all of the same benefits as first-time students. Please submit all college transcripts, as well as high school transcripts when applying for admission.

Meet BA Art Therapy Student Luci Gaddie

Luci Gaddie is an undergraduate student majoring in Art Therapy at Naropa University. She is involved with various student groups on campus, including serving as student representative on the Naropa Board of Trustees and as a Student Union of Naropa officer for visual arts programs and students who are BIPOC. In their role on the board of trustees, Gaddie acts as an advocate for the student voice and hopes to help build sustainable, artistic, BIPOC spaces.

Originally from Houston Texas, Gaddie moved to Boulder to attend Naropa. She speaks about how her experience has been transformative personally and professionally.

Find Your Undergraduate Major

Find Your Undergraduate Minor

A minor is an optional, 12-credit academic specialization within a focused curricular area.

New Minor in Psychedelic Studies

Also available online

The mission of the BA Psychedelic Studies Minor is to prepare students for employment in the emerging field of psychedelic studies by providing a humanities focused introduction to psychedelic practices, educating about the history, development and cultural appropriation of psychedelic practices, and developing skills needed to think through the challenges of an emergent industry.

Required Course

INTD 220/e Intro to Psychedelic Studies (3) (Fall ’24)

Choose 9 credits from the following courses:

  • PSYB 354/e  Transpersonal Psychology (3)
  • PSYB 415/e Maitri: Working With Emotions (3)
  • PSYB 471/e Theories of Psychedelic Assisted Therapies (3) (Spring ’25)
  • PSYB 495e Special Topics Advanced Research: Decolonial Psychology (3)
  • PSYB 209 Herbalism (3)
  • WRI 490 Special Topics: White Rabbit: The Poetry of Psychedelics

Planned Courses

  • Ecopsychedelics (3)
  • Exploring Psychedelic Science (3)
  • Psychedelics and Spirituality (3)

Total Credits 12

Artist painting mural

Art Therapy Minor

Also available online

Required Courses

  • ATH230 Introduction to Art Therapy (3)
  • ATH330 Art Therapy Theory and Applications (3)
  • ATH430 Art Therapy Studio Methods (3)
  • PSYB314 Psychology of Mindfulness Meditation (3)

Total Credits 12

Contemplative Education Minor

Contemplative Martial Arts Minor

To minor in Contemplative Martial Arts, students must complete 9 practice credits in one Contemplative Martial Arts discipline (Taijiquan or Aikido) plus 3 credits in another Contemplative Martial Arts course.

Total Credits 12

Creative Writing & Literature Minor

Also available online

To minor in Creative Writing & Literature, students may choose any 12 undergraduate WRI credits. This can include Summer Writing Program (2–6 credits).

Total Credits 12

Environmental Studies Minor

Also available online

To minor in Environmental Studies, students may choose any 12 undergraduate ENV credits.

Total Credits 12


Gender & Womens Studies Minor

Also available online

Required Courses

  • INTD210 Introduction to Gender & Women’s Studies (3)
  • INTD310 Feminist & Queer Theory Methods of Inquiry (3)

Choose 6 credits from the following courses:

  • PSYB355 Dynamics of Intimate Relationships (3)
  • REL212 Queer Theory, Feminism & Religion (3)
  • REL334 Hindu Tantra (3)
  • WRI441 Literature Seminar: Women Writers (3)
  • Special Topics upon approval of INTD program chair

Total Credits 12

Music Minor

To enhance experience in the arts, students may wish to pursue a minor in Music. Students may choose any 12 music credits to fulfill minor requirements.

Total Credits 12

Naropa students performing in "Liminal Spaces: A Dance Ensemble Concert". One young woman is sitting on the floor, playing the ukelele. She also has a harmonica. Two other performers are sitting next to her on each side and leaning against her shoulders. There are two more people in the picture, lying on the floor and looking relaxed.

Performance Minor

To enhance experience in the arts, students may wish to pursue a minor in Performance. Students may choose any 12 performance credits to fulfill minor requirements.

Total Credits 12

Psychology Minor

Also available online

To minor in Psychology, students may choose any 12 Psychology credits.

Total Credits 12


Religious Studies Minor

Also available online

Required Courses

Choose 3 credits
  • REL150 Buddhist Journey of Transformation: An Introduction (3)
  • REL210 Religion & Mystical Experience (3)
  • REL247 Embodying Sacred Wisdom: Modern Saints (3)
Choose 9 credits
  • REL150 Buddhist Journey of Transformation: An Introduction (3)
  • REL158W Breeze of Simplicity: Meditation Weekend (1)
  • REL160 Meditation Practicum I: Freeing the Mind (3)
  • REL210 Religion & Mystical Experience (3)
  • REL212 Queer Theory, Feminism, and Religion (3)
  • REL229 Contemplative Judaism (3)
  • REL240 Integrating One’s Inner and Outer World (3)
  • REL247 Embodying Sacred Wisdom: Modern Saints (3)
  • REL250 Spirituality and Creative Expression (3)
  • REL255W Opening the Heart: Meditation Weekend (1)
  • REL314 Contemplative Islam: An Introduction to Its History, Thought, and Practice (3)
  • REL321 Kabbalah and Consciousness (3)
  • REL323 Religious Experience in Africa: Flash of the Spirit (3)
  • REL325 Contemplative Christianity (3)
  • REL334 Hindu Tantra (3)
  • REL338 Sufism: An Introduction to its History, Thought, and Practice (3)
  • REL345 Zen Buddhism (3)
  • REL346 Wisdom and Compassion: A Buddhist Path (3)
  • REL351 Theories of Alternate Spiritualities and New Religious Movements (3)
  • REL355 Introductory Sanskrit: Language of the Gods (3)

Total Credits 12

Note: For students interested in taking courses on Buddhism, it is recommended that they be taken in the following order: (1) REL150 and/or REL240, (2); REL346, (3); REL348. The additional meditation courses, including REL345: Zen Buddhism, can be taken at any time.

Sanskrit Language Minor

Also available online

Sanskrit may be taken to fulfill a minor requirement. A sequence of four courses (4 credits each) is offered in Sanskrit. The requirement of the minor is to take the first three of these four courses. However, students are encouraged to consider taking the fourth semester of the language as an elective.

  • REL277 Sanskrit I (4)
  • REL287 Sanskrit II (4)
  • REL377 Sanskrit III (4)

Total Credits 12


Visual Arts Minor

Also available online

To minor in Visual Arts, students may choose any 12 Visual Arts credits. At least one World Art course is recommended.

Total Credits 12

Yoga Studies Minor

To minor in Yoga Studies, students must complete 9 practice credits in yoga plus 3 credits in another Yoga Studies course.

Total Credits 12

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