Campus Safety

Campus Safety

Boulder is generally a very safe and friendly city. Regardless, Naropa University wants you to be completely safe. To achieve that goal, everyone must pitch in. All Naropa community members are encouraged to take an active role in ensuring a safe environment by immediately reporting any suspicious activities or persons on any campus to the campus safety manager or to the Naropa patrol guard.

Also, all staff within the Safety and Facilities department have safety responsibilities, and they have the authority to enforce Naropa policies and regulations including being able to detain anyone suspected of criminal activity until local law enforcement can respond. Facilities staff can expel anyone from Naropa property who poses an immediate threat to the safety or well-being of the Naropa community.

The staff within the Safety and Facilities department are known as Caretakers. The primary responsibility of the Caretaker is to act as a safety resource and reporting authority to the campus community and as such, must prioritize their daily activities to accommodate these responsibilities. Caretakers are recruited, screened, and hired based on a specific skillset detailed in their job descriptions and fall primarily into three different categories. These categories are custodial, grounds keeping, and facility maintenance.

In addition to these general tasks our Naropa Caretakers are to be trained CSAs (Campus Security Authorities as defined by the Jeanne Clery Act) with additional training in First Aid, CPR, emergency response activation, student safety resources, and building and campus safety. The safety of our Naropa community and campus is our number one priority and will take precedence over other assigned duties. Once the safety of our community and facilities is assured the normal and assigned duties will be resumed as soon as practical.

The goal of a Caretaker is to support everyone on the campus and in doing so we also empower each and every individual who is a part of Naropa to take up the title of Caretaker and care for the environment around you. If something is broken, tell a Caretaker so we may repair it. If you are done eating, make sure to take care of your own dishes. When something in the environment needs care, alert us so that we may see to it. This is your university, and we want you to feel a sense of ownership.


If you have questions about building hours or exceptions thereof, please contact Autumn Tomlinson at


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Text (SMS) and Email Notification

In the event of an emergency, Naropa University has an emergency SMS and Email notification system. All Naropa affiliates are automatically enrolled in this system. The message will outline what the emergency is and the proper action to take. Please follow it closely to ensure your safety.

Your cell phone must have text messaging capabilities in order to receive alerts directly to your phone.

The email will be sent to your or accounts only.

This system is tested for proper function at least once per year. It will read as a “test” and can be disregarded.

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