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Counseling & Wellness

Crisis Information

If you are or someone you care about is in crisis or need to speak to a counselor immediately, please utilize the following:.

Colorado Crisis Center
Call 1.844.493 TALK (8255) Or Text “TALK” to 38255

Boulder Residents can walk into Mental Health Partner’s Crisis Center at 3180 Airport Road, Boulder, CO 80301 from 7 AM to 12 PM daily.  Services include confidential, in person support, information and referrals to anyone in need.

Crisis Text LineText HOME to 741741

Nacional de Prevención del Suicidio(888) 628-9454

National Grad Crisis Line(877) 472-3457

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Dial “988”

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Options for Deaf and Hard of Hearing)For TTY Users: Use your preferred relay service or dial 711 then 1-800-273-8255

Christie Connect

Through Christie Connect wellness hub, students have access to the following:

  • 24/7/365 mental health support line (833-434-1217) for in-the-moment support from licensed mental health counselors, and connections to next steps, regardless of time of day or student location.
  • Free telehealth or off campus face-to-face counseling sessions. These are available to students no matter where they are (on or off campus, in any state, or internationally) and no insurance is necessary. Students can have access to a counselor who speaks their preferred language and can opt to see a counselor of a certain identity as well. They also offer translation services and services for students who may be hearing or visually impaired.
  • One-on-one personal assistance for students to help navigate any challenges or barriers students may face reaching mental health support or for other aspects of their life. This includes assistance with accessing mental health providers, specialty providers, housing and food supports, accessibilities information, and other services that will help support students’ academic success.
  • Meditation and mindfulness app—Students will have access to a Headspace subscription for free. It helps students build coping and resiliency skills and offers more than 1,000 hours of mindfulness and mental well-being content.
  • Self-guided online mental health & wellness program – With Silver Cloud, students learn how to manage stress. This online tool also teaches better coping skills, helps with managing emotions and more! Students even have the option to work with a coach if they prefer.
  • The Wellness Hub offers articles and videos on mental health and wellness topics including: Mental and Emotional Health, Fitness and Nutrition, Academic Performance, Stress Management, Healthy Relationships and more.

Campus Community Offerings

Wellness Services

Our approach to counseling and wellness is one that is university-wide, community, and prevention based. We reach the most students through our wellness services, and we train faculty and staff around mental health prevention and intervention to help our students thrive. Naropa services are provided at no further cost for our tuition paying currently enrolled students. 

Our counselors and graduate assistant provide weekly offerings on a variety of topics related to mental health and well-being. Some of our regular weekly wellness activities include acudetox/acuwellness, biofeedback, and dorm support. We also provide workshops and events, covering topics such as suicide prevention, stress and emotional regulation, self-compassion, secondary trauma and resilience, and motivational interviewing skills for making change. 

For a complete updated list of offerings, please see Counseling & Wellness on MyNaropa

Counseling Services

Students or families may want or need counseling services we are unable to provide in house. Some of the types of services we do not provide in house include: ongoing counseling; psychiatric services; medical services; crisis, walk-in, or same-day appointments; specialized care; mandatory counseling; nor documentation for disability, leave of absence, emotional support animals, or counseling experiential requirements. Students whose needs fall outside of the scope of what we provide are offered referrals to other providers who specialize in what they are working with.

Counseling is primarily offered by two part-time counselors who also deliver wellness services to the community. Our services begin with a screening appointment to determine whether they are a good match for the person. Counselors are broad generalists, and they provide brief counseling support for the common needs students face. The counseling we provide is offered in person by appointment. 

Graduate Students in Counseling

It is important that graduate counseling and psychology students are aware of their educational program policy, which disallows them to use Naropa counseling services to fulfill the 30-session counseling experiential requirement.

Meet Counseling & Wellness Staff

Our counselors have a good understanding of the developmental needs and challenges of being a student at Naropa, and we lend our compassionate presence and wisdom in service to well-being. We are committed to supporting the student journey and maintaining confidentiality and excellent client care while working in our small community.


Counseling & Wellness Hours of Operation & Contact Information

Office Hours During the School Year

9:00 a.m.- 12:00p.m. & 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
We are closed during school breaks and holidays

Contact Information

303-245-4630 Ground level 2111 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder

Make an Appointment

Current students can make an appointment and find more information about our services here.

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This is where experiential learning meets academic rigor. Where you challenge your intellect and uncover your potential. Where you discover the work you’re moved to do—then use it to transform our world.

“*” indicates required fields