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BA in Psychology Online

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Online

Embark on a transformative experience from anywhere in the world as you explore contemplative teachings and modern psychology with a focus on mindfulness and science through Naropa’s online BA in Psychology.

Program Overview

Naropa’s online degree in psychology invites you to do deep inner work while simultaneously learning how to guide others in the healing process. After taking a course on the psychology of mindfulness meditation, you’ll choose a course of study in mindfulness and/or psychological science through your chosen track.

Your career of service will begin by exploring contemplative teachings and modern psychology, neuroscience, and your own lived experience. You will then apply your knowledge from the online psychology degree in a hands-on, immersive internship.

Students who are not able to move to our Colorado campus will have a profoundly transformative and contemplative experience while studying remotely. Naropa’s online psychology degree will place you at the forefront of groundbreaking therapies and insights in the field of mental health.

Naropa’s online degree in psychology features tracks in mindfulness and science.
The Mindfulness Track embodies deep listening, presence, compassionate inquiry, and meditation, engaging in Western and contemplative approaches. The Science Track is a combination of traditional psychological research, cognitive neuroscience, and mindfulness.

Through the online BA in Psychology, you will explore yourself, your path, and your appeal to serve. Naropa creates a brave space for students to do deep inner work and explore their own complex identity and inner wisdom. This is an essential step in learning how to guide others.

As an online psychology bachelor’s student, you will study with accomplished and insightful faculty like Jordan Quaglia, PhD, and Jennifer Bacon, PhD.
Dr. Quaglia conducts groundbreaking research on mindfulness, compassion, and lucidity. Dr. Bacon offers Naropa bachelor of psychology students a unique perspective on addressing issues of overrepresentation in special education, racial and gender equity, child advocacy, and writing for social justice.

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Quick Facts

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Program Format

Naropa University’s undergraduate program is a four-year, fully accredited Bachelor of Arts degree program. The Online BA in Psychology is 41 credit hours: 32 credits from the psychology core requirements and 9 credits from one of the concentrations. The core requirements consist of courses in psychology and meditation from the Buddhist and Shambhala traditions, as well as courses in Western psychology. 

Students pursue further study in one of five concentrations: Contemplative Neuroscience, Psychological Science, Psychology of Health and Healing, Somatic Psychology, or Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology.

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Course Spotlight

Awakening Compassion: Working with Others

This course delves into compassionate action through Mahayana Buddhism’s bodhisattva path and Contemplative Psychology. Students acquire skills like embodied presence, deep listening, and empathic attendance. Practices such as metta and tonglen meditation are emphasized. Practical application is essential, requiring students to engage in attending relationships. The curriculum also delves into compassion’s nuances across various cultural contexts.


A Bachelor of Arts degree (120 credits), consists of a Core Curriculum (24 credits) and at least one major, as well as minors and/or elective courses of the student’s choosing.

For the Online Psychology Major, 41 credit hours are required. 

Online Psychology Major Requirements

Required Courses

Set A (9 Credits)

  • PSYB-101E Introduction to Psychology(3)

  • PSYB-314E Psychology of Mindfulness Meditation(3)

  • PSYB-301E Research Methods and Statistics(3)

Set B (2 Credits)

Take twice for 2 credits:

  • COL-299E Special Topics: Workshop(1)

Mindfulness Track

  • PSYB-325E Awakening Compassion: Working with Others(3)

Science Track

  • PSYB368e Psychology and Neuroscience of Emotion (3)


Both Tracks:

Choose at least one course from Set A:

  • PSYB304e Somatic Intelligence (3)

  • PSYB329e Approaches to Healing (3)

  • PSYB354e Transpersonal Psychology (3)

  • PSYB359e Learning from Trauma (3)

Choose at least one course from each Set B:

  • PSYB345e Developmental Psychology (3)

  • PSYB357e Cognitive Science (3)

  • PSYB373e Social Psychology (3)

  • PSYB420e Abnormal Psychology (3)

Choose three additional Psychology courses (9 credits)

Mindfulness Track:

  • PSYB415e Maitri: Working with Emotions (3)

Science Track:

  • PSYB462e Contemplative
    Neuroscience (3)

Both Tracks:

  • COL450e Internship (3)
  • COR340e Capstone I(3)
  • COR440e Capstone II(3)

Total: 41 credits

Why Choose Naropa?

Internship Insights

A culminating internship experience helps online bachelor of psychology students find compelling work in both clinical and research settings. Whether you want to work in leadership, social work, psychology, therapy, education, or alternative health care, your in-depth studies at Naropa will prepare you for a fulfilling career.

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Flexible Start Dates

Naropa University is now offering the option to start the Online BA in Psychology in spring, summer, or fall. This enables students to extend their coursework over more semesters and/or shorten the length of time it takes to complete their degree, providing greater flexibility for academic success.

Faculty & Institutional Mentorship

Receive a quality online education, with faculty mentorship to guide you through this transformative experience. Our Career & Life Development will also help you make the most of your studies, guiding your professional development.

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How this Program Prepares You

Sharpening Intellect

The Online BA in Psychology students will find a broad spectrum of courses, including Western psychology and Eastern approaches to healing mind and body. Some of the curriculum’s diverse course offerings include Perception, Abnormal Psychology, Cognitive Science, Dream Psychology, Hakomi, Nutrition, Psychology of the Five Elements, Expressive Arts, and many others.

Nourishing Compassion

Contemplative education fosters genuine self-kindness and empathy toward others, fueling your commitment to compassion and service. Practical volunteer fieldwork opportunities in a required service-learning course will enhance your interpersonal skills, crucial for professions emphasizing sensitivity.

Career Readiness

Your online bachelor of psychology journey culminates with an enriching internship experience, guiding students to secure meaningful roles in clinical and research environments. Be it leadership, social work, psychology, therapy, education, or alternative health care, Naropa’s comprehensive studies equip you for a rewarding career.

What You'll Learn


Do inner work to heal yourself and find the tools to heal others.

Hands-on Experience

Apply your knowledge in a hands-on internship in your field.

Career Readiness

Build skills and confidence necessary for a psychology career.

Graduate School Readiness

Get prerequisites for advanced learning.

Research Skills

Fuse research with meditation through contemplative practice.

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Career Opportunities with a BA in Psychology Online

Graduates of the BA in psychology online have acquired attributes that form a crucial foundation for success in their field. Their sharp intellect, deep intuition, confidence, and compassion lead graduates to a wide path of possibilities in multiple career paths. Graduates of the online psychology degree can pursue further education in the following careers:

Hear from a Graduate


This program has been life-changing for me and I couldn’t be more thrilled with what I have learned in such a short time.   

Meredith Dada

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Student

FAQs About the
BA in Psychology Online

The difference between online and on-campus psychology programs centers on format-oriented considerations. However, both programs are a 41-credit major. Whether pursuing an on-campus or online BA in Psychology, graduates will earn an identical degree. Naropa extends the chance for students who cannot relocate to our Colorado campus to access high-quality education from everywhere on the planet.
Naropa University’s undergraduate program is a four-year, fully accredited Bachelor of Arts degree program; this includes the Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, as well as the on-campus BA in Psychology. Graduates can then pursue a master’s degree, which takes around two years to complete. The duration of your degree pursuit depends on various factors, including program requirements, and specialization options.
Students attending psychology studies on our campus can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of our diverse community. If you can’t travel across the country for an in-person education, you will still be part of Naropa’s community and benefit from its unique curriculum approach and opportunities. Either way, students will have a transformative experience.
In addition to exploring contemplative teachings and modern psychology, neuroscience, and your own lived experience, you will also have the opportunity to apply the knowledge from your online psychology degree in a hands-on, immersive internship with Naropa’s Online BA in Psychology. You will experience noteworthy education tailored for remote learning as you discover cutting-edge revolutionary therapies and discoveries in mental health.

Learn More About the Program

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with your counselor

Jenna Priest

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor

Ready to Apply?

Admission Requirements

Academic excellence and the willingness to carry out introspective work are highly valued at Naropa University. 

Learn more about admission requirements and the application process for prospective students.

  • Admission Requirements for Students with a 3.0 GPA or Higher

First-time applicants with a solid academic track record are encouraged to apply, with minimal eligibility criteria.

  • Admission Requirements for Students with Less than 3.0 GPA

First-time applicants whose academic performance has not been as outstanding, we encourage you to apply if you are eager to experience a Naropa education and contribute to our expanding community.

  • Apply as a Transfer Student

If you have prior credit hours from another accredited institution, you can present an official college transcript together with your application and transfer 60 or more transferable credits.

To find out more about applying, visit our undergraduate students’ application page.

Diversity and inclusion are core values of Naropa University. We look forward to welcoming other cultures and their future contributions to our dynamic community.

Learn more about applying to college and becoming an international student at Naropa University.

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Costs and Financial Aid

We offer financial aid opportunities to help you afford Naropa’s contemplative education, as well as scholarships and grants. 74% of undergraduate Naropa students receive some form of financial aid. Use our Cost Calculator to get an estimated cost of your potential expenses at our university.

Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships are a great way to help with the costs of going to school. Naropa University offers an array of scholarship opportunities to undergraduate students. Students may be eligible to receive scholarships through their admissions application, by applying for scholarships, or by being nominated for a scholarship. For more detailed information about the different scholarships available and how to receive them, please review our undergraduate scholarship page.
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