The newest episode of our university podcast, ‘Mindful U at Naropa University,’ is out on iTunesStitcher, and Fireside now! We are excited to announce this week’s episode features Naropa graduate Chris Cole (BA Contemplative Psychology ’10), who currently works as a Life Coach specializing in bipolar disorder and spiritual emergence.

play-icon Episode 27 – Chris Cole: Bipolar Order 

There is more to bipolar than just pathology. People are familiar with bipolar as a disorder that used to be called manic-depressive disorder, or manic depression. Bipolar Order is a declaration of that, and a necessary bridge for people meeting the criteria for bipolar disorder, and particularly bipolar disorder in remission, to be empowered. Chris Cole is trying to activate and inspire people to be empowered, be bold, and be bipolar strong. Listen to Cole’s podcast – Waking Up Bipolar – for more insight, and visit his website ColeCoaching for more information.

More about Chris Cole:

“Combining over a decade of professional mental health experience with years of certified life coaching, I serve clients locally as well as internationally, helping individuals move beyond the limitations of their past treatment to discover an essential brilliance which has been lost or obscured. Without the darkness, there is no dawn. Perhaps my greatest asset as a coach is a whole-hearted faith in the transformative power of suffering, provided we are courageous enough to be honest and take action toward the life we want to live. A greater freedom awaits our sincere pursuit.

In addition to coaching services, I have written a memoir about my own recovery journey. I’ve titled it The Body of Chris, in honor of the delusion that I was the Second Coming of Christ. It took me a really long time to finally come to terms with treatment for my bipolar disorder while also honoring the validity of spiritual emergence, and I could never find many resources for men’s eating and body issues, so I felt compelled to tell my story. The Body of Chris: A Memoir of Obsession, Addiction, and Madness was an Amazon #1 bestseller for bipolar disorder, named a two-time Finalist in both Spirituality and Religious Non-Fiction for the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, and has received praise from transpersonal and clinical psychologists alike. If you’re not quite sure whether we could relate, my book is a great place to start.”

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Chris and David
Chris Cole and podcast host, David DeVine