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Online Art Therapy Degree

Bachelor of Arts in Art Therapy Online

Impact lives with the power of art, mindfulness, and contemplative practice from anywhere in the world with Naropa’s online art therapy degree.

Program Overview

Naropa’s online BA in Art Therapy combines each student’s artistic process with the study of traditional and Eastern psychology. Naropa’s deeply mindful approach will help students grow as artists as they explore the healing power of art. 

Naropa’s is the only Buddhist-inspired accredited university in the country that offers an enriching curriculum grounded in art therapy, visual arts, contemplative psychology, and studio practice.

The Art Therapy program is dedicated to innovation in the artistic process and in approaches to teaching the psychology of transformative art therapy.

The online BA in art therapy offers students opportunities to partner with their local communities to provide socially relevant learning in art therapy in order to integrate community-oriented skills through internship courses.

Naropa’s holistic education puts mindfulness at the core of its curriculum. This valuable tool approaches art, relationships, and self-knowledge through courses like Buddhist Psychology and Contemplative Ceramics.

A graduate mentor will guide you through your major in art therapy, serving as a sounding board, coach, and support. Naropa’s art therapy mentorship program prepares undergraduates for both their near and far future.

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Quick Facts

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Program Format

Naropa University’s undergraduate program is a four-year, fully accredited Bachelor of Arts program. The Bachelor of Arts in Art Therapy online is a remote 51-credit major, which consists of an in-depth liberal arts education, with both traditional and progressive approaches to the behavioral sciences taught by expert faculty. The art therapy degree online blends the intellectual and experiential traditions of Eastern and Western perspectives. Students will also delve into a strong introduction to art theory, visual arts studio education, and community-based service learning opportunities.

The program cultivates an educational and experiential foundation to go deeper into art therapy by continuing your education in Naropa’s Graduate School concentration in Transpersonal Contemplative Art–Based Counseling or another art therapy graduate program. 

Course Spotlight

Art Therapy Theory & Applications

This course provides a comprehensive overview of art therapy’s literature, theories, and practices across diverse client groups. Students explore relevant topics addressing art therapy’s role in mental health, expressive therapies, and community-based settings. Emphasis is placed on understanding the art therapist’s role and responsibilities. A significant focus is placed on nurturing students’ personal commitment to exploring their own creative processes. 


A Bachelor of Arts degree (120 credits), consists of a Core Curriculum (24 credits) and at least one major, as well as minors and/or elective courses of the student’s choosing.

The Online Art Therapy Major has 51 credit hours. 

Online Art Therapy Major Requirements

  • COR-110E Writing: Thinking and Being(3)

  • COR-340E Capstone I(3)

  • ART-371E Installation and Ritual(3)

  • ART-365E Handbuilding and Ritual in Ceramics(3)

  • ART-125E Introduction to Drawing(3)

  • ART-200E The Contemplative Artist(3)

  • ART-215E Watercolor(3)

  • ART-245E Introduction to Painting: Realism(3)

  • ART-301E Reconceptualizing Art History(3)

  • ART-340E Contemporary Art History 1945 to Present(3)

  • ATH-330E Art Therapy Theory & Applications(3)

  • ATH-430E Art Therapy: Studio Methods(3)

  • PSYB-314E Psychology of Mindfulness Meditation(3)

  • PSYB-325E Awakening Compassion: Working with Others(3)

  • PSYB-345E Developmental Psychology(3)

  • PSYB-371E Personality Theories(3)

  • PSYB-415E Maitri: Working With Emotions(3)

  • PSYB-420E Psychopathology(3)

  • ART-440E Warrior Artist: Risk and Revelation in Studio Art(3)

  • COR-440E Capstone II(3)

  • ART-440E Warrior Artist: Risk and Revelation in Studio Art(3)

  • COR-440E Capstone II(3)

Why Choose Naropa?

Introspective Approach

Naropa's online art therapy degree acknowledges the importance of the heart and spirit in addition to the mind. The deeply introspective undergraduate curriculum is designed to promote healing for students, their prospective clients, and the global community.

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Internship Opportunities

Having a remote education does not mean fewer opportunities at Naropa. We offer internship placements for remote undergraduate students within their communities, where they can collaborate to deliver socially impactful education in art therapy. For graduates, the Internship is a powerful, collaborative opportunity to synthesize their contemplative art therapy education.

Online Accessibility

Naropa offers students across the country and all over the world the chance to get a Bachelor of Arts without having to leave home. You will explore the healing power of art by creating your own vibrant, at-home studio with our art therapy degree online.

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How this Program Prepares You

Solid Foundation

Students in this program gain a strong foundation, paving the way for a comprehensive undergraduate understanding of art therapy, the therapeutic qualities of art, and experiential appreciation for contemplative studies related to art, psychology, and social needs. 

Welcoming Community

As one of the country’s few undergraduate art therapy programs paired with a graduate art therapy program, the Bachelor of Arts in Art Therapy Online holds a distinctive position, offering valuable mentorship opportunities. A dedicated graduate mentor will guide you on your journey through contemplative art therapy, serving as a sounding board, coach, and unwavering support. 

Career Readiness

Naropa internships help you develop your professional experience and performance by providing unique opportunities to engage with your home communities.
After finishing their senior internship, 43% of students with a bachelor’s degree in art therapy secure employment.

What You'll Learn

Foundation in Studio Art Therapy

Follow in the footsteps of art therapy pioneers.

Preparation for Advanced Studies

Experience thoughtful guidance that propels you ahead in your graduate studies.


Learn to practice introspection in order to help others.

Self-Awareness as an Artist

Foster self-assurance and integrity in your roles as both an artist and an art therapist.