Online Courses

Naropa University offers a variety of academic courses to the public to take for credit or non-credit on a space available basis. Non-credit students are a welcome part of the class and are expected to attend regularly, do the readings and engage with the other students and instructor, although are not required to write papers or take exams. The courses available for registration are listed in late April for Fall courses and late November for Spring courses. Registration begins when the schedule of classes is posted and remains open until the end of drop/add period. You can also visit Naropa Registrar page.

Should I take the course for credit?

Students are strongly advised to check with their host school if they have any intention of transferring credit from Naropa to another college or university. Students must choose graduate or undergraduate credit during registration and the drop/add period. Credit level cannot be changed after drop/add ends.A bachelor's degree is required to take an online course for graduate credit.

May I take the class noncredit?

Noncredit seats are available in a variety ofclasses on a space-available basis. Students who attend Naropa Online classes with a noncredit status have full access to all course materials, lectures, discussions and activities for the duration of the term. However, no final grade is turned in for the student, and assignments may not be given grades. It is up to the student and instructor to determine what level of participation is appropriate. Your Naropa University transcript will not indicate that you have taken a class through Naropa. The total noncredit price for a 3-credit course is $250.

Can I take the class noncredit now and upgrade it to credit later by paying the difference in tuition?

Taking a class noncredit means that you are not responsible for fulfilling the academic requirements for the class and you are not graded for your participation. As a result, you will not nor will you be able to in the future, receive academic credit for your participation should you choose to enroll noncredit now. It is not possible to "upgrade" a noncredit class in order to receive academic credit.

How to Join a Class

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