Is online for you?

Distance Learning at Naropa University provides you with the ability to enroll in courses from wherever you are and according to your work and life schedule. Technology used for distance learning classes is only getting easier and easier to use—even for people with little prior experience using such technologies.

Distance learning is different from in-person classes in several ways:

  • Online learning is extremely convenient. As long as you have a computer with internet connection, you can access your readings, attend class meetings, participate in online discussions wherever you happen to be, anywhere in the world. Please note that some courses have an on-campus component where you do physically come to campus once or twice a semester to meet with your instructor and fellow classmates in person.
  • Class meetings may take place synchronously or asynchronously. This means that sometimes you may have asked to be online in the class discussion at specific times, while other times a class discussion will last several days.
  • Many distance learning students feel online discussions have more depth and are also easier to participate in than an in-person class. Our students say they prefer discussions online to in-person because there is more time to think of a reasoned, well-organized comment or response.

What is the time commitment to complete the requirements for an online course?

While the amount of time that you’ll dedicate depends on several individual factors, you may expect to spend five to ten hours each week for a 3-credit course.  Sometimes it takes time for students to get used to the technology, and many students perceive that their preparation and homework time for their their initial online course takes longer than that of similar on-campus classes. We recommend that you spend some time in the free, self-paced, noncredit orientation course for students. As with anything else, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out.

For requirements specific to each class, go to individual online course pages and look for prerequisites.

Office of accessibility

 Naropa University’s Office of Accessibility outlines how to receive support for disabilities.