Dedicate the Merit of Your Practice Naropa

Dedicate the Merit of Your Practice to Naropa starting on Community Practice Day, March 5 - April 4, 2019.

Last semester 33 people logged over 201 hours of merit. We invite you to join us this semester – maybe we can double the goodwill to our community. We can support those among us who are suffering, support the important work being done here, and support the students who will be graduating in May and carrying Naropa into the world. Wear your wristband to show your participation!

About the Dedicate the Merit Campaign

Naropa has much to offer our turbulent world right now. To help support our ground and our offering, we invite you to infuse our community with love and intentionality by dedicating the merit of your practice to All Beings in our Naropa Community. Not everyone is able to make a financial gift or volunteer their time on campus yet this is a chance for everyone to make a meaningful and valuable contribution at a time when our planet needs Naropa.

Many Naropa classes end with dedicating whatever merit was gained in that class to benefit all beings. Whenever we harness our intention, attention, or compassion, this gathering of energy and forces creates a cauldron (sometimes when we practice, that cauldron can feel like a pressure cooker). That “heat of practice” – what has been cooked in the cauldron - is the merit. Rather than holding onto this merit only for ourselves, we can share it so that others may benefit as well. This is called Dedicating the Merit. And we can choose where we direct that benefit. During the campaign, any time you engage in a practice that uplifts you, even if it’s just for a few minutes, you can dedicate the merit to Naropa. This might include:

  • Sitting/Contemplative Practice
  • Movement Practice
  • Artistic Practice
  • Scholarly Practice
  • Spiritual Practice or Gathering
  • Teaching
  • Social Activism


For more information please contact Leslie Grasa, 303-245-4776

Why Give to Naropa


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