International Student Resources


The International Student Group was established in the fall semester of 2000, in order to help both prospective and current international students.

The International Student Group, besides becoming an official group on campus, started the following services:

  • A buddy system which connects current students with new international students, who get support during the application process and when taking their first steps at Naropa and in Boulder
  • A cultural festival celebrating the different cultures on campus—the festival is a great opportunity for international students to share their culture with the greater Naropa community, and for Naropa to have a day of celebration, live shows, and great international food.
  • An ongoing connection between prospective international students and current students, if possible, from the same country.
  • An international student handbook.
  • Social events such as pot-lucks, sushi dinners, hot springs, and basketball games.
  • An improved website for international students where prospective and current international students alike can find the resources they need.

The International Students Group is currently working on finding financial aid opportunities such as scholarships, grants, and loans, which would make life easier and more affordable for international students at Naropa.


The international student advisor is also available to help you with arrival questions and problems, and may be able to find you a Boulder host—someone in the community who can assist with your arrival, and who might be able to provide you with a place to stay for a few days.

If you have questions about visas or other immigration matters, arrival or settling in concerns, please email


The Naropa Writing Center (NWC) provides writing skills workshops and individual help with written work. The NWC has staff trained to assist non-native speakers of English. The NWC is a free drop-in service, with appointments available for non-native speakers of English. The NWC can assist students at all stages of writing, from brainstorming and organizing to revising and documenting. The NWC staff help students improve their own writing, but do not provide editing services.


More information about the Boulder community can be found on the Boulder Community Resources website. There are also many international student groups at the University of Colorado which you might wish to look at.

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