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Resilient Leadership
Master of Arts

What would it take to heal the Earth? What kind of leaders do we need to help us take our planet—and ourselves—to a more sustainable and just future?


These are the central questions you’ll explore in Naropa’s Master of Arts program in Resilient Leadership.

As a student in Naropa’s Resilient Leadership graduate program, you will learn to identify systems that separate us from the world, locking us in destructive cycles. You will unravel habits and learn to rebuild and retool new, environmentally just patterns, graduating empowered and ready to help create a responsible future. Students choose between two area tracks—Sustainable Systems or Climate Justice—with the bulk of the coursework shared between both pathways.

Through the intensive study of living systems theory, ecopsychology, sustainability, climate justice, human rights, environmental policy, nonprofit management, entrepreneurship, and mindfulness, you will develop leadership skills that will prepare you to become a compassionate advocate for a healthier, more viable world.

Equipped with these skills, students who graduate from Naropa’s Resilient Leadership master’s program go on to myriad careers as change agents, establishing socially conscious businesses, working internationally, directing nonprofits, making a difference in government, managing farms, and working as community organizers.


Applied Resilient Leadership Project

Apply the skills you’ve learned in your Resilient Leadership master’s program in a project that leads to increased sustainability in an organizational or community setting.

Naropa Resilient Leadership students have completed projects for the Colorado Organization for Responsible Economy, Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Project, City of Boulder Parks and Recreation, and Groundwork Denver.

Credits Required


The two-year program combines classes in group dynamics, the environment, social justice, and sustainability with applied experiences in the community and Colorado wilderness.

Degree Requirements

Mischa Delaney

Alumni Highlight

“I specifically chose Naropa for my master's degree because I knew the Resilient Leadership program would not only teach me the theory and practical applications I needed to have a successful career in the environmental/sustainability sphere, but that it would also show me how to be a grounded and well-rounded person in all aspects of my life.”

— Mischa Delaney

Program Alumni


Featured Resilient Leadership Courses

  • Inner Work
  • Groups as Living Systems
  • Ecological Justice: Patterns of Oppression and Healing
  • The Work that Reconnects
  • Food Justice
  • Permaculture
  • Wilderness Solo


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students explore various forms of systems (ecological, social, historical, hierarchical and emergent) and determine approaches that foster community and organizational resilience.
  • Students obtain skills for inner development through contemplative practice and ecopsychological tools.
  • Students navigate working in community through learning specific inter and intra personal skills, accruing the ability to hold multiple perspectives, and by direct experiential engagement with others.
  • Students acquire in depth literacy of sustainability and environmental policy and practice across local, national, and global levels.
  • Students comprehend the relationship between ecological issues and social justice within the frames of human rights, environmental justice, political ecology and climate justice.
  • Students demonstrate appreciation of sacred world views and build a personal relationship with the natural world.
  • Students develop graduate level research, writing and communication skills.
  • Students acquire nonprofit and social entrepreneurship skills such as fundraising, grant writing, project design, strategic planning and social entrepreneurship.
  • To prepare students with applicable skills to work and lead in community and organizational settings.


Anne Zonne Parker, Program Lead for Resilient Leadership Program at Naropa

Faculty Spotlight

I see my key role as offering inspiration and guidance to the next generation of environmental leaders and activists. My mission is to invite students to fall in love with the earth.”

— Anne Zonne Parker, PhD
MA Resilient Leadership // Core Faculty

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