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Library staff are readily available to assist you online with library services!

Monday – Friday

8am – 5pm

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Please use online and digital resources as much as possible.

Read the Naropa_Online_Resources.pdf document to learn about accessing online library resources.

Contact with any questions about accessing online library resources.

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Hold Pick-up Hours for Spring 2021 begin Tuesday, January 26th

Allen Ginsberg Library – Arapahoe Campus 

Grab & Go Pick-up Hours

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday

11am - 2pm

Please wait until receiving an email notification that item(s) are ready to be picked up before coming to campus. Thank you!!

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Checking out library materials

Library patrons must place holds online through their HowlCat library account for physical library materials they would like to check out. To learn how to set up your library account if you have not yet, please see the Patron Services Page. Email with any questions.

how To place a hold on an item

  • Go to Allen Ginsberg Library website and click on HowlCat Library Catalog (
  • Sign into HowlCat with your HowlCat username and password (see to learn how to set up your account if you have not yet).
  • Go to Search bar at top of page and type into open field item you are looking for, then click "Go".
  • Click "Place hold" on the right side of screen.
  • All hold pick-ups will take place at Allen Ginsberg Library-Arapahoe Campus for the Spring 2021 semester.
  • Click "Confirm hold".
  • You will be notified via your Naropa email when your hold is ready to be picked up.

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Allen Ginsberg Library-Arapahoe Campus Grab & Go

  • Please wait until receiving an email notification that item(s) are ready to be picked up before coming to campus.
  • Remember your Naropa ID – the library building is accessible only with ID and we need ID to check out your library materials.
  • Bring a backpack or tote if you are picking up multiple items. 
  • All Naropa community members must be wearing a mask while on campus, inside and out.
  • Only 2 people may be in library lobby at a time, please maintain 6 feet of physical distance. 
  • Wait outside for someone to leave before coming in if there are already 2 people inside lobby. 
  • Maintain 6 feet from others while waiting outside and keep your mask on.
  • Pick-up hours are only for those who have been notified by email that their items are available to be picked up; email with any questions. We are committed to keeping our community as safe as possible at this time by reducing in-person interactions. 

how to return library materials

We are accepting library materials you wish to return! Please place all library items you wish to return into a library book drop box located at either Arapahoe Campus or Paramita Campus - we will not accept items any other way.

  • Allen Ginsberg Library-Arapahoe Campus book drop is located just outside main doors to library building.
  • Paramita Library-Paramita Campus book drop is located just to the left when entering Paramita through the front, south-facing doors. 
  • Due to Covid-related safety protocols, returned items are currently being checked in about once a week; this means there will be a bit of a delay getting your returned items checked in.
  • If you receive an overdue notice, email to request an extension on your check-out period.
  • Please do not return library materials if you do not feel safe doing so. You may email to request a due date extension as needed. 

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interlibrary loan (ill)

Interlibrary loan service for physical items is currently unavailable due to Covid-19 impacts; please see our Interlibrary Loan page to learn how to place an ILL article request.

norlin library

Due to the pandemic, use of Norlin Library at CU-Boulder is not available to the Naropa community Spring 2021; the CU-Boulder campus is closed to all non-CU affiliates through Spring 2021.

printing and study space

The lobby printer/copier and Reading Room in the Allen Ginsberg Library building are accessible with your Naropa ID card during open campus building hours. The printer/copier and library space at Paramita are accessible with your Naropa ID card during open campus building hours.

computer labs

For questions regarding access to Naropa University computer labs or to coordinate access, please contact Karina Scott at

campus building hours

Please refer to emails from facilities personnel (Aaron Cook and/or Karina Scott) regarding campus closures to get the most up-to-date news on campus building hours. You can also visit Naropa facilities on call phone number is 720-309-8211.


Please contact IT at You can also visit the Naropa University IT Helpdesk at If you are on campus, the Business Center in the basement of the Lincoln building may be able to help you.

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The Critical Consciousness Collection is housed in the Allen Ginsberg Library and was formerly located in the Center for Culture, Identity, & Social Justice on the Arapahoe campus. It reflects Naropa's commitment to social justice and exists in order to further the community's understanding of systems of oppression and privilege. Offering a diverse array of reading materials (on race, class, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, and more), this collection shifts the normative story by centering voices and perspectives that are often marginalized in society. As such, the collection is always expanding, and recommendations are welcome! (Link to CCC list coming soon!)


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