About the Library

History of the Allen Ginsberg Library

On July 3, 1994, Boulder Mayor Leslie Durgin proclaimed the day to be Allen Ginsberg Day. The new library was dedicated in a ceremony in Allen's honor, with poetry readings, tributes, and seven Buddhist monks chanting blessings.

"Beats and Other Rebel Angels: A Tribute to Allen Ginsberg," a ten-day literary conference, was the center of Naropa's twentieth-anniversary celebrations in that year.

Reporters came from as far away as Sweden, England, and Japan to see Ginsberg friends, musicians, poets, activists, and artists including Cecil Taylor, Amiri Baraka, Philip Glass, Ken Kesey, Robert Creeley, Marianne Faithfull, Ed Sanders, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gary Snyder, Meredith Monk, David Dellinger, and Francesco Clemente.

Estimates were that as many as ten thousand people attended the events of the week, including many young Generation X'ers.

Giving to the Library

Policy for Book Donations (Gifts-in-Kind)

Due to an extreme shortage of space, as well as limited staffing and funding for the evaluation, selection, and processing of donated books, the library must be very selective regarding donations of books. Please speak with the library director before making a donation.

Making a Monetary Contribution

The Allen Ginsberg Library would be extremely grateful for your financial support. Gifts are used by the library to support book purchases as well as other library and archives projects and improvements.

For all donations, we request that you use Naropa University's online donation form. Please be sure to choose "Areas of Greatest Need," "Where can we designate your gift," and then type "Allen Ginsberg Library" in the comment field.

Thank you so much!

Hours & Locations

Email library@naropa.edu for online support Monday-Friday 8am-5pm


Arapahoe Campus // 2130 Arapahoe Avenue

June 13th—July 1st, Summer Writing Program 2022

Monday—Thursday, 8:30am—4:00pm





Paramita Campus // 3285 30th Street

Paramita Library is closed for consolidation



Nalanda Campus // 6287 Arapahoe Avenue

Nalanda Library is closed until further notice