Juan Pablo Fernández Garcí

Juan Pablo Fernández Garcí painting a mural in naropa's Little Lama Cafe

Juan Pablo Fernández Garcí is an international undergraduate student from Mexico, whose artistic passion and spiritual exploration have found a nurturing home at Naropa University.

Natalie Hsu

Natalie Hsu meditates on the Naropa green

Natalie Hsu, a dedicated senior at Naropa University, has found her calling at the intersection of art and education. With a major in art therapy and a minor in elementary education, Natalie’s journey at Naropa is a testament to her unwavering commitment to holistic and transformative learning.

Ramon Parish

Faculty Ramon Parish hugs graduating student

Ramon Parish, an esteemed core assistant professor in Naropa’s Interdisciplinary Studies department, brings a wealth of interdisciplinary experience to his role. His unique approach encompasses ritual and ceremony as tools for community development, intercultural understanding, ecological awareness, and personal transformation.

Connor Heikkila

Connor Heikkila, a recent graduate of Naropa University, was fueled by a yearning for genuine learning and a desire to aid others through art. Connor’s initial disengagement with conventional education pushed them to seek an alternative, which prompted them to explore unconventional avenues and ultimately guided them to Naropa University.

Regina Smith

Regina Smith

Regina Smith, a dynamic and spirited educator, stands as a driving force within the Naropa University community. As the Vice President of Mission, Culture, and Inclusive Community, her dedication is steadfastly inspired by poetic vision while firmly grounded in heart-and-body-centered clarity and compassion.

Nataraja Kallio

Nataraja Kallio

Nataraja Kallio stands as a luminary within Naropa University’s academic tapestry, having steadfastly served as the lead faculty and Chair of the BA Yoga Studies program since 2005. His profound influence extends beyond the classroom, as he played a pivotal role in designing the innovative MA Yoga Studies program recently launched by the institution.

Fern Deininger & Michael Bauer

Alumnx Fern Deininger stands as a testament to the transformative power of contemplative education. During her time at Naropa, she was deeply engaged in the student community, serving as Co-Chair of the Student Union of Naropa and Manager of Naropa’s Bike Shack.

Paula Gasparini-Santos 

Paula Gasparini-Santos

Paula Gasparini-Santos shines as an exceptional and heart-centered alumnx of Naropa University, leaving an indelible mark on both her personal journey and the communities she touches. Paula’s journey is one of multicultural exploration, as she is an immigrant artist born in Vitória, Brazil, who has embraced life across numerous cities and countries.

Sedona Moreno-Castelan, Evey Healy, and Austin Lockey

Acro Yoga on the Naropa Green

Naropa University alumnx Sedona Moreno-Castelan, Evey Healy, and Austin Lockey, former leaders of Naropa’s Acro-Yoga & Circus club, embody the institution’s transformative mission through their vibrant endeavors. United by the common thread of mindfulness and connection, these individuals bring their unique backgrounds and passions to the stage, both within Naropa’s nurturing community and beyond.

Barbara Dilley 

Barbara Dilley

Barbara Dilley, a luminary of the dance world, has profoundly shaped the trajectory of Naropa University. Born in 1938 near Lake Michigan, her journey in dance began with Audree Estey and Helen Priest Rogers, leading her to Merce Cunningham’s company and a transformative era with the Grand Union improvisational ensemble.

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