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Episode 12 – Deborah Bowman – Gestalt Awareness Practice: Healing in the Here and Now

“Gestalt therapy is a methodology one can use for therapy or for growth. I like to call it Gestalt Awareness Practice because it’s a way of working in the here and now for healing and growth. Gestalt – from German and not truly translatable into English – essentially means ‘the whole.’ Or something ever greater than the whole. It’s the idea that we’re whole with everything and that our goal is to be whole within our self – not divided – not split.”

Deborah Bowman, PhD, is the founder of the Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and the Wilderness Therapy programs at Naropa. She is a licensed psychologist and certified Gestalt therapist and also a trainer with the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute, offering postgraduate education and supervision. Deborah has served as president of Boulder Graduate School, worked for Boulder County Hospice and Boulder County Social Services, and instructed with the National Outdoor Leadership School. She is a meditation instructor with Nalandabodhi Boulder.

Deborah is author of The Female Buddha: Discovering the Heart of Liberation and LoveThe Luminous Buddha: Images and Words and co-author of When Your Spouse Comes Out, published by the GLBT Family Series with Haworth Press.

See https://thefemalebuddha.wordpress.com/ for more news

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