On-Campus Housing

If you are interested or have questions about on-campus housing, please email inquiries to Stephan Fitzgerald Taylor, the Coordinator of Residence Life and Student Housing.


The mission of Naropa University housing is to provide a healthy, sustainable, contemplative and compassionate community where students are supported and holistically engaged. Naropa’s residential educational programming strives to provide academic support through co-curricular activities, creating an intersection between formal instruction, the community, and the world. The residence hall is a place where learning comes alive!

Residence Life Staff

Five staff members live on-site: four Resident Community Advisors and the Coordinator of Residence Life and Student Housing. A staff person is "on-duty" and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please don't be afraid to use the resources we have at Naropa for your well-being and personal growth. We also have a work studies stationed at both Snow Lion and 2333 Arapahoe Avenue available to answer questions and help you during the day.

Program Goals

Programs are events that are held for students that meet their personal, social and educational needs.

  • Develop communities that are safe, supportive and diverse
  • Create environments that foster the success of students
  • To introduce students to practical skills that will sustain autonomy and interdependence
  • Actively support the staff who live and work in university housing
  • Foster meaningful campus & civic engagement
  • Foster human development and growth through contemplative self-disciplines, goal setting, support and mentorship
  • Empower students to reflect and work on understanding how cultural biases, perspectives, and backgrounds affect the way they function in their roles and relationships in community environments
  • Offer leadership opportunities to students through Resident Assistant positions
  • To help students understand the concept of interdependence & develop an awareness of community living principles