Students move into Snow Lion housing at Naropa
Housing and Residence Life


Housing And Residence Life

Naropa is dedicated to assisting students find and enjoy housing that provides healthy sustainable living, whether that's in the residence halls or off campus. Our two on-campus facilities both deliver support and programming designed to enhance the academic experience and build community. Naropa also provides support for students choosing to live off campus, from providing help with finding a place or roommate, to providing help with opting into meal plans.

On-Campus Housing

All full-time students under the age of 21 and with fewer than 30 semester credits are required to spend their first year in one of Naropa's two residence halls. Students may be exempted for valid medical reasons, or if living with parents/guardians within a 40 mile radius of Boulder. Learn more about housing exemptions here.

Students not required to live in campus housing may apply to live on campus, however space is limited so please apply as soon as possible.

Off-Campus Housing Resources

Students not required to live in campus housing can take advantage of Naropa's off-campus housing resources.