Cat Pantaleo
Graduate Collective Academic Advisor

Cat is a graduate of the MA Ecopsychology program and as such understands the unique experience of a contemplative education that Naropa offers. Her work as a Graduate Academic Advisor is infused with a passion for assisting students attain their fullest potential not only as students, but human beings; with the intention to support each individual student in a way that fosters the best possible experience, optimizing learning, growth, connection and academic excellence. In addition to being an advisor at Naropa University, Cat is a Holistic Health Care Practitioner with over 22 years of experience as a consultant and instructor, weaving together her skills as an Herbalist, Nutritionist, Naturalist, Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, and practitioner of Nonviolent Communication. All of her work is ultimately guided by an impassioned desire to re-awaken our innate human capacity for compassion, caring and cooperation in order to re-establish an Earth-honoring way of being so that all life may flourish.

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