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Religious Studies

At Naropa, you'll find the best Religious Studies program for mindfulness and contemplative learning. You'll leave our program with a Religious Studies degree, a strong foundation in world religions, and a deep knowledge of yourself and your relationship with others.

Naropa’s Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies equips you with the in-depth knowledge and interpersonal skills necessary for a meaningful and rewarding career.

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies graduates go on to careers and graduate programs in law, business, medicine, and more. In comparison to other undergraduate majors, university religious studies students rank #2 on the LSAT and outscore biology majors on the MCAT.

Ready to begin your journey towards a fulfilling future? Join a community of seekers in Naropa's BA in Religious Studies.

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In Naropa's undergraduate religious studies program, you'll explore religious traditions from Christianity to Sufism, experience contemplative practices from around the world, and examine the role of religion in contemporary culture. Your religious studies degree will include a diversity of courses as rich and varied as jobs for religious studies graduates. Our students read, write, create, and dialogue their way to careers as entrepreneurs, journalists, nonprofit professionals, social workers, and more.


Courses in the Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies include:

The Naropa Difference

If you’re seeking a school for religious studies, look no further than Naropa. As the only school in the West with a mission based on mindfulness and contemplative learning, we’re uniquely equipped to prepare your intellect and your spirit for a meaningful future.


What Can You Do With a Religious Studies Degree?

We hear this question frequently from prospective religious studies majors. The answer? Almost anything. Jobs for religious studies graduates are as diverse as the program itself, ranging from business leadership to the healing professions.

The relevance of a BA in Religious Studies degree spans the globe. You'll think critically about complex problems, gain an understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures, and become an expert communicator. And you'll learn to do all of this with the kind of mindful presence that is deeply appreciated — and needed — in today's workplace.


Whole-Person Approach

Any school of religious studies will delve into the history and beliefs of world religions. But Naropa's Buddhist-inspired mission makes our religious studies program particularly introspective. Our whole-person approach challenges students to consider religion's role in culture and within themselves. Your religious studies degree will be more than a diploma — it will be an expression of your authentic contribution to the world.


Scholar/Practitioner Faculty

Through the Naropa religious studies undergraduate degree, you'll learn from authors and scholars who have contributed widely to the field of religious studies. You'll study with lineage holders — rabbis, yogis, ministers, and priests — who fully embody the teachings of their belief systems.

The best religious studies programs honor the profound and complex nature of the subject matter with an intellectually and spiritually supportive environment. Naropa's faculty are deeply committed to a collaborative process in which learning is a two-way exchange between instructor and student. Here, your education is a journey rich with community, self-inquiry, and lived experience.


Students Transformed


“The unique approaches I take to business are positively disruptive within my career field. I hope that my impact will continue to affect further positive change in my industry. I often find myself amazed and inspired by the way business-as-usual companies are leaning towards themes like authenticity, diversity, and civic engagement as unique value propositions — precisely the areas Naropa excels in teaching.”

Ina Sajovich

BA in Religious Studies, 2012

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