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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in
Interdisciplinary Studies

Naropa's bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies is for bold thinkers who view learning as an adventure. In a liberal arts degree like no other, unearth your most important questions and devise your own course of study to find answers.

The interdisciplinary studies major at Naropa takes the bachelor of general studies concept a step further. Select a blend of concentrations from liberal arts offerings such as Peace Studies, Contemplative Art Therapy, Yoga Studies, and more. Then, synthesize those concentrations into a focused course of study unique to your personal path. 

Jobs for interdisciplinary studies graduates are richly varied. Alumni go on to become teachers, nonprofit leaders, graduate students, and more. Ready to follow in their footsteps? Prepare to think deeply, follow your passion, and apply your discoveries to a real need in the world.


Quick Facts

  • 42 Credit Hours
  • 16 Fields of Study to Choose From
  • 2 Powerful Senior Capstone Experiences


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in Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary degrees prepare students for the complexity of our changing world. At Naropa, you'll begin your Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies by working with faculty mentors to craft a Learning Agreement. Then, you'll map out your unique program of study in the Gateway Seminar. If you want a degree in liberal arts but haven't found a program that matches your interests, this is the major for you. 

In addition to three interdisciplinary courses, undergraduate interdisciplinary studies majors will design a focused course of study including 33 credits related to their area of inquiry. Those courses may include: 

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The bachelor's in interdisciplinary studies at Naropa is so much more than a flexible liberal arts degree. It is, rather, an appeal to adventurous spirits who crave deep learning and transformative experiences. Ready to discover your life's work? We'll help you design a course of study that leads you there.


What is Interdisciplinary Studies?

You're drawn to Naropa's contemplative approach but are having trouble choosing from our rich array of undergraduate majors in liberal arts. While it may not be possible to choose three or four separate majors, Naropa's interdisciplinary studies program makes it possible to shape a course of study that pulls from the three or four Naropa programs that most entice your passions.

Though your focus may cut across several disciplines, your studies will be far from generalized. Rather, our graduates gain specialized knowledge resulting in fulfilling careers in community leadership, the arts, social entrepreneurship, and more.

1:1 Mentorship

At Naropa, undergraduate interdisciplinary studies majors thrive with the support of mentors. Your mentor, an individual highly accomplished in your area of study, will be your guide from the day you enter the program through both phases of your senior year Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone Project (Discovery and Design and Integrative Thesis). Due to the impactful nature of the mentoring experience, many former interdisciplinary studies students go on to become mentors themselves. 

Jobs for Interdisciplinary Studies

In this transformative liberal arts degree, Naropa students define for themselves a rigorous and wholly unique educational path. Past senior thesis titles have included "Through the Broken Mirror: Eating Disorder Healing as a Path of Spiritual Awakening," "Forgotten Medicine Wheel Psychology," and "Somatic Inquiry Through the Four Sacred Postures." 

After completing their specialized course of study, interdisciplinary studies majors are uniquely positioned to discover fulfilling careers in their chosen fields. Jobs for interdisciplinary studies graduates include composers, business executives, filmmakers, artists, entrepreneurs, and more.



“An interdisciplinary perspective is essential to my understanding of our species’ intersectionality with plants, animals, and the biological rhythms of our earth. Through interdisciplinary studies, I can explore diverse frameworks of knowledge and weave them together through my life, creating my own unique way of seeing the world.”
Meadow Wittelsberger, BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, 2015


What to Expect

Holistic Education

Learn to open your mind and approach issues from a variety of perspectives.

Graduate School and Career Readiness 

Enter graduate school or the job market with flexible options.

Expanded Worldview

Develop a forward-thinking, multi-faceted approach to 21st century issues.

Critical Thinking

Ask good questions, and answer them with fine-tuned research and analysis.

Integrated Learning

Blend varying viewpoints and disciplines into an innovative final thesis.