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Episode 11 – Ramon Parish: Discipline & Delight – An Embodied Education

“People already know many things. People arrive at school with their own intelligence, and they come here to cultivate that intelligence through contact with one another – embodied contact with teachers, administrators, other students – as well as with various resources and wisdom traditions, academic traditions. Real learning and transformation both take place in that contact, not through the input or memorization of knowledge or information. They come through grounding and body-based awareness – embodied mindfulness – whole-person embodiment. When we start dealing with difficult and challenging – and eventually rewarding – situations and concepts, you already have a kind of nervous system of self-knowledge. The embodied curriculum at Naropa can help you develop and cultivate both a social and sociological self-knowledge.”

Ramon Parish is an adjunct instructor in Naropa’s environmental studies department currently teaching a course on Environmental Justice. At Prescott College, he developed an interdisciplinary study utilizing ritual and ceremony as tools for community development, inter-cultural understanding, ecological awareness and personal transformation. For the last 7 years, he practiced authentic movement, somatic-based mindfulness, men’s work and contemporary rites of passage with Melissa Michaels, as a leader in Surfing the Creative International Rites of Passage Youth Camps and more recently with the Men’s Leadership Alliance. He has worked with youth of color to navigate the complexities of identity in institutions of privilege and currently hosts community classrooms and conversations in Denver and Boulder to bridge the cultures of healing, art, activism, ecology and the sacred.

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