Students of the mindfulness-based transpersonal counseling concentration

Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling

Gain clinical counseling skills through the lens of world wisdom traditions at a Buddhist-inspired university named one of the Best Counseling Psychology Degree Colleges in the United States.

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Naropa's Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling offers two delivery options. Both options can be completed in three years--the hybrid program can be completed part time  with three additional summer semesters. Whether you choose the on-campus or online hybrid program, you'll experience firsthand the profound effects of interpersonal connection and mindfulness practice. Then, you'll apply those transformative techniques during comprehensive clinical training. 

Whether your aim is to open your own private practice, become a mindfulness teacher, or gain the skills towards becoming a Gestalt psychologist, Naropa can help you get there. Through deep introspection and interpersonal connection with faculty and fellow students, you'll find your unique path within mindfulness counseling.

Quick Facts

  • 60 Credit Hours
  • 700-900 Hours of Clinical Internship Experience
  • 2 Program-Delivery Options: On-Campus or Online Hybrid


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in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling

Led by supportive faculty who are passionate about mindfulness psychology, master's students in the Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling concentration will experience both intellectual rigor and contemplative practice. 

The transpersonal counseling curriculum balances hands-on experience with theoretical study. Students will explore the work of Jungian and Gestalt psychologists, practice meditation and personal introspection, examine world wisdom traditions, and engage in deep relational work with others. This blend of traditional and innovative approaches provides a foundation in mindfulness psychology that prepares students for lives of joyful and committed service.

Courses within the Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling concentration include:

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Contemplative Psychotherapy & Buddhist Psychology

Transform yourself and others in a graduate degree program that embraces the wisdom of Buddhist contemplative practice as well as modern humanistic psychological approaches. 


Transpersonal Art Therapy

Combine your passion for art with your commitment to service in a master's degree program that offers a strong foundation in meditation training, studio art, and transpersonal counseling. 


Somatic Counseling: Body Psychotherapy

Study body psychotherapy and explore the body's ability to help people transform in one of the world's first graduate somatic counseling programs.


Somatic Counseling: Dance/Movement Therapy

Follow your love for dance into an experientially based graduate degree program that combines classical and innovative forms of movement therapy with contemplative practice and clinical counseling experience. 


Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy

Heal yourself and others through the transformative power of nature in a master's degree program that explores mindfulness and transpersonal psychology through the lens of the great outdoors. 




If you've considered a master’s degree that integrates meditation, take your dedication to contemplative practice a step further with a program that offers insight into the self while also giving you the tools to help others.


Mindfulness Focus

As a university with a mission based on contemplative education, Naropa is dedicated to the practice of meditation and self-inquiry. Through the concentration in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling, students are introduced to methods of mindful counseling and are encouraged to increase self-awareness in their work as mental health practitioners. More in-depth than a mindfulness teacher certification, this master's degree program is an opportunity for deep personal reflection and intensive clinical experience. We support your dedication to mindfulness with on-campus meditation halls, group meditation retreats, body awareness work, and more.

On-Campus and Online Hybrid Options

We developed two methods of delivery for the Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling concentration because we want to engage with students who are passionate about a future in mindful counseling, regardless of their zip code. You can complete your master's degree on campus in our Boulder-based contemplative community or through our hybrid program, a combination of online coursework and residential intensives. Either way, you'll gain between 700-900 clinical internship hours and finish your graduate degree in three years. 

Whether you study from home or take up residence here in Boulder, we value your contribution to our transpersonal counseling community.

Clinical Experience

The concentration in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling prepares students for rewarding careers in clinical professions. In the final year of your graduate degree program, you will serve as a supervised intern in a community agency, gaining crucial experience in a specialty area such as addiction counseling or crisis intervention. Throughout the internship, you'll be supported by on-site supervision, faculty mentorship, and career development counseling in addition to your ongoing studies and transpersonal approaches. 

Wherever your future as a counselor takes you — be it private practice, youth services, or trauma work — your clinical experience in mindfulness counseling will help your clients find healing and growth.



“As a student at Naropa University, I was already a handful of years into my own recovery from substance abuse. While at Naropa, I not only learned the tools of therapy, but enriched my own recovery beyond description through the practices I learned and developed.”
Quddus Fujita Maus, MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling, 2015



What to Expect

Counseling Experience

Begin your clinical career with professional competence in counseling.

Mindfulness Skills

Practice non-judgement and mindful presence in the context of counseling.

Foundation in Transpersonal Psychology

Exercise a humanistic counseling approach that treats the whole person.

Gestalt Awareness

Express your understanding of the Gestalt approach in a clinical context.

Diversity Awareness

Treat and work collaboratively with people in diverse community settings.