Interdisciplinary Studies Major (BA)

A Bachelor of Arts degree (120 credits) consists of Core Curriculum (30 credits) and at least one major (36–60 credits), as well as minors and/or elective courses of the student’s choosing.

The 60-credit Interdisciplinary Studies (INTD) major begins with the creation of a Learning Agreement in which students formulate a philosophy and action plan for their program of study, grounded in their Authentic Statement of Purpose. Starting in the Gateway Seminar (Integrative Inquiry: Ways of Knowing), students assemble a vision for course work, travel, service, and other enrichment experiences that will support that vision. Course work is drawn from two or three concentration areas and the required Interdisciplinary Studies courses. Concentration areas include any of the approved BA major or minor programs. The INTD requirements include two Special Topics seminars, which vary each semester and engage students in the practice of interdisciplinary thinking and writing. Other program requirements include the annual INTD BA Program Retreat which provides an opportunity to build community in a contemplative setting; a Leadership and Service course; and two Capstone seminars, which provide the tools and container for thesis research, writing, and presentation.

Opportunities for Honors Directed Reading and Research are available for advanced students who wish to deepen knowledge in their focused area of study or practice research in collaboration with mentors. The student’s Learning Agreement evolves and is refined over the course of study and culminates in a written thesis. Guided by mentors from the student's chosen disciplines or concentrations, the thesis may have research, performance, artistic, or service-oriented dimensions. 

Program Vision

The Interdisciplinary Studies BA program invites students to design a unique program of study that integrates different disciplinary perspectives in the work of personal and social transformation. In this contemplative, interdisciplinary approach to the undergraduate journey, students bring together the head (academic, analytic, and conceptual skills); heart (values, passions, and interests); and hands (applications, experiences, service) to find “where their deep gladness meets a need in the world” (Frederick Buechner).

Interdisciplinary Studies Major Requirements

Required Courses


In INTD301, students craft a Learning Agreement unique to their self-authored plan of study. This Learning Agreement will serve as the guide through the Milestone phase of the program and be reviewed and revised as their journey unfolds. Students transferring in 60 credits must take INTD301 in their first semester. 


33 credits

Students take a minimum of 33 credits from any offered Naropa courses to support their self-authored plan of study. Up to 18 credits can be transferred in from other schools. Of the 33 Milestone credits, a minimum of 12 upper division (300 level +) credits are required. INTD301, INTD380, and INTD480 do not count towards this total. If a student revises their Learning Agreement, all previous credits taken will still count towards the 33 credit Milestone requirement total.  


Total Credits: 42