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An OresteIa - October 30th - November 9th

Breeze of Simplicity: Sanity within Chaos - October 18 - October 20



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An Oresteia: Naropa MFA-Theater Contemporary Performance
October 30th – November 9th

Naropa’s Performing Arts Center

Three plays. Three authors. One play festival. The Naropa University MFA Theater Ensemble proudly presents An Oresteia, translated by Anne Carson- Agamemnon by Aiskhylos, Elektra by Sophokles, and Orestes by Euripides. The short plays (approx. 1 hour each) can be seen individually during weekday and Saturday times. A Saturday Festival Pass featuring all three plays, including a snack & dinner in between them, is also offered.

Commencing in the aftermath of the Trojan War, the plays chronicle the cycle of bloodshed in the family of Agamemnon, done in the name of retribution and religion. Viewers are invited to take a journey through a contemporary lens across decades, and its effect on the human psyche- asking us to examine our own rage, grief, and internal war.

*To purchase Saturday Festival Pass Tickets visit us here.

Please note: Festival Passes are only available in advance and must be purchased by Thurs. 10/31 for Sat. 11/2 & Thurs 11/7 for Sat. 11/9. They will not be sold at the door.

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Breeze of Simplicity: Sanity Within Chaos

Friday, October 18 - Sunday, October 20

6287 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO

Believe it or not, it is possible to dwell in a state of calmness even within the most intense periods of outer, or even inner, chaos. Fortunately for ourselves, the Buddha emphasized that we do not have to believe this; we can actually experience it for ourselves. According to the Buddhist approach to meditation, the possibility of “achieving” calmness exists because calmness is a quality of our mind’s native or natural state; it doesn’t need to be added. Once we connect with this inherent calmness even a little bit, we can recall it in flashes even in the most blustery of situations. During this program, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche will share pith advice and instruction on how to access calmness as if it were in palm of the hand.

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The Naropa University Galleries offer an experience of the arts in a contemplative environment committed to the human experience of visual, perceptual and energetic transmissions through art.

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