Courses & Requirements

A Bachelor of Arts degree (120 credits) consists of Core Curriculum (24 credits) and at least one major (36–60 credits), as well as minors and/or elective courses of the student’s choosing.

Creative Writing & Literature Major Requirements

Required Courses


  • WRI210 Experimental and Activist Literatures (3)

300-level and 400-level Writing Workshops
Choose 12 Credits
Writing workshops train in various genres and include poetry, fiction, and cross-genre. Workshops require the regular submission of original work for critique, oral presentation, and editing.

  • WRI312 Poetry and Poetics (3)
  • WRI318 Writing Workshop: Long Poem (3)
  • WRI329 Writing Workshop: Contemplative Poetics (3)
  • WRI331 Writing Workshop: Creative Nonfiction (3)
  • WRI339 Writing Workshop: Flash Fiction (3)
  • WRI351–3 Summer Writing Program (2–6)
  • WRI362 Writing Workshop: Fiction (3)
  • WRI369 Writing Workshop: Narrative Forms (3)
  • WRI380 Writing Workshop: Eco-Poetics (3)
  • WRI394W Writing Workshop: Writers Practicum with Anne Waldman (1)
  • WRI395W Writing Workshop: Writers Practicum with Allen Ginsberg Visiting Fellow (1)
  • WRI415 Writing Workshop: Innovative Poetry (3)
  • WRI428 Writing Workshop: Innovative Fiction (3)
  • WRI440 Writing Workshop: Extended Narratives (3)
  • WRI449 Writing Workshop: Embodied Poetics (3)
  • WRI451–3 Summer Writing Program (2–6)
  • WRI456 Writing Workshop: Poetry in Theory (3)
  • WRI460 Writing Workshop: Ekphrastic Writing (3)
  • WRI490 Special Topics: Writing Workshop (3)

300-level and 400-level Literature Seminars
Choose 9 Credits
Literature seminars examine selected writers' works, topics, or periods in literary history and require critical papers in standard academic format.

  • WRI349 Literature Seminar: Modernism and Postmodernism(3)
  • WRI355 Literature Seminar: World Traditions and Letters(3)
  • WRI441 Literature Seminar: Women Writers (3)
  • WRI448 Literature Seminar: Diaspora, Migration, and Borderlands (3)
  • WRI455 Literature Seminar: Literary Theory (3)
  • WRI457 Literature Seminar: Major Authors (3)
  • WRI491 Special Topics: Literature Seminar (3)

Writers in Community

  • WRI417 Writing Workshop: Writers in Community (3)

Choose 6 Credits
Electives can be any 300-level or 400-level course; professional development, literature seminars, or workshops/Summer Writing Program.


  • COR440 Capstone II (3)



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