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Naropa Extended Campus offers continuing education, professional development and public programs for the lifelong learner within us all. Extended Campus programs promote Naropa University's core mission and values in ways uniquely adapted to meet your ongoing educational needs.

Here you'll find an archive of previous Extended Campus offerings, with links to audio and video content along with other related resources. To discover our current and upcoming programs, please visit the Extended Campus home page.



Anne Lamott & Neal Allen in Conversation

In this special evening event, hosted on June 3, 2021 by Naropa Extended Campus, spiritual coach and writer Neal Allen is joined in conversation by best-selling author and his wife Anne Lamott. Allen's new book, Shapes of Truth: Discover God Inside You, provides a contemplative method for discovering one's inner nature that is influenced by Eastern traditions, especially Sufism and Buddhism, as well as contemporary psychodynamics. Lamott's best-selling spirituality books often explore a personal Christianity that is removed from the currently popular doctrinal evangelism. Together they discuss their collaborative writing life, practical approaches to spiritual practice, freedom from suffering, and much more. Watch the full event video here. Purchase the book from our partners at Boulder Bookstore. Visit Neal Allen's website at

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Cynicism and Magic: Book Celebration

Hosted on October 4, 2021 by Naropa Extended Campus and The Chögyam Trungpa Institute, this evening event celebrated the release of Cynicism and Magic, a new volume of never before published talks by Chögyam Trungpa, based on his first seminar at what became Naropa University. Featuring discussion and Q&A with the book's editors, Naropa University staff, and more, this event offered participants an opportunity to explore Chögyam Trungpa’s teachings about the real magic of positive cynicism, intuition, and critical thinking. Purchase a copy of Cynicism and Magic from our friends at Shambhala Publications. Learn more and support the Chögyam Trungpa Institute.



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