Naropa University's Lincoln building in Autumn

Naropa Campus Safety

Assistant Director of Campus Safety: 303-245-4686
24-Hour On Call Phone: 720-309-8211

When you become aware of an emergency situation or crime in progress where life or property is threatened, call 911 (9-911 from Naropa extension).

Boulder is generally a very safe and friendly city. Regardless, Naropa University wants you to be completely safe. To achieve that goal, everyone must pitch in.

All Naropa community members are encouraged to take an active role in ensuring a safe environment by immediately reporting any suspicious activities or persons on any campus to the campus safety manager or to the Naropa patrol guard.

The Naropa patrol guard acts as a resource for the safety of the Naropa community and is responsible for building security. Everyone in the community is encouraged to meet the patrol guard and report any immediate concerns.

Also, the facilities director, campus safety manager, and facilities staff all have safety responsibilities, and they have the authority to enforce Naropa policies and regulations including being able to detain anyone suspected of criminal activity until local law enforcement can respond. Facilities staff can expel anyone from Naropa property who poses an immediate threat to the safety or well-being of the Naropa community.