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Work Study

Students with a work-study award can apply for a work-study employment position on-campus or through one of our approved off-campus work-study sites as part of the community work-study program. Students can work 5 to 20 hours per week. Students are paid twice per month. Earnings are paid to the student and are subject to taxation. Students must demonstrate financial need to be eligible for work-study. Receiving a work-study award is not a guarantee of employment.

The Resident Assistant position does not require students demonstrate financial need. This position requires a student live in Univeristy Housing for which a full housing scholarship is given. This is a 20 hour a week position in which students are paid twice per month. Please note that recieving more than one institutional form of aid (including the RA position) could affect your eligibility for, or the amounts of, other forms of aid, including scholarship awards. If you are awarded an RA position and you have already requested the maximum in the Grad/Parent PLUS Loan, we will need to reduce the Grad/Parent PLUS Loan to make room for the RA position payment and housing scholarship. If the application is open, it can be found via the work-study positions link below.

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Community Work-Study

Naropa employs a small percentage of students at the following non-profit organizations in the Boulder area through the community work-study program:

Community work-study is a great opportunity to be of service to the community and work with children and adults in tutoring, counseling, and teaching. You must be eligible for work-study and be a United States citizen to hold a work-study job at a community work-study site.

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How to Apply for a Community Work-Study Job

  • Contact the site/organization directly to inquire about available jobs and the application process


  • If the site selects you for a position, students must also complete Naropa’s employment application and new hire process: 
    • Background check release and authorization
    • New hire paperwork


  • Once you’ve completed the above listed forms, take them to Human Resources along with your work authorization documents noted on the third page of the I-9 Form


  • Common forms of identification include passport, driver’s license, and social security card or birth certificate. These documents need to be presented to Human Resources within 3 business days of your first day of work 


  • If the site/organization selects you for a position and you have successfully completed Naropa’s new hire process, Student Financial Services will contact your site supervisor to confirm you can start working in your position

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