Center for the Advancement of Contemplative Education (CACE)

Serving as a hub for the study and development of contemplative education, the Center for the Advancement of Contemplative Education is an international resource for educators to expand their knowledge and experience of contemplative education. CACE promotes the ongoing dissemination and development of contemplative education.


CACE Mission


  • Constructive leadership in the vision and articulation of the meaning, outcomes, and best practices of contemplative education
  • Effectiveness in offering this education in all its aspects to our students, both graduate and undergraduate
  • Courageous engagement with a complex and challenging world, in order to transform that world with skill and compassion
  • Strategic thinking about Naropa University’s role in leading and guiding the future of contemplative higher education in North America and beyond




Judith Simmer-Brown

Faculty Spotlight

"Within higher education, many universities are now researching the neuroscience of contemplative practice, mindfulness, and compassion, and CACE will be a crucial resource."

— Judith Simmer-Brown
Professor of Contemplative and Religious Studies and chair of the CACE Faculty Council