Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

Parking is currently free at the Nalanda campus. The “A” lots on the Arapahoe Campus require a parking permit. Parking at Snow Lion is currently free for residents and requires a Snow Lion permit.

The Transportation Department is located in the basement of the Lincoln Building. You can get full semester permits, single day permits, bulk day permits, Snow Lion permits, and motorcycle permits at the Transportation Department.


A full semester permit costs $120. A limited number of parking permit grants are awarded each semester; applications are available starting a few weeks before the first day of classes. Contact the Transportation Office for more details.


Full semester permits for handicap spaces are $60. Year permits for motorcycles are $25.


Single day permits are available for $3 each. Bulk day permits are available for multiple single day permit users.

You will need to have with you the make, model, color, and license plate number of your car. Please bring your Naropa student ID with you as well. If you will be using more than one car, bring in the info for the other vehicle(s) as well. The Transportation Department will issue only one full semester permit per person.

The “A” lots are open to anyone with a valid parking permit. The “A” lots consist of the “paved lot,” the “brick lot,” and the “2111 lot” across the street by the 2111 building. The parking lots at the Arapahoe Campus are monitored from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The lots are NOT monitored during weekends and holidays. A valid Naropa parking permit does not allow you to park in the four spots labeled “visitor parking” or in the adjunct parking lot. Note: A Snow Lion permit is only valid at Snow Lion and will be ticketed in any of the “A” lots.

Naropa University recognizes being illegally parked as: any vehicle parked without a valid Naropa issued parking permit, vehicles blocking the flow of traffic or emergency routes, and any car parked in the wrong lot (i.e., students and faculty parked in the visitor lot, students or visitors parked in the adjunct lot, etc.).

  • The 1st violation is a $5 ticket.
  • The 2nd violation is a $20 ticket
  • The 3rd violation is a $50 ticket and we will attempt to remove the vehicle by towing. The cost to retrieve your car from the tow company starts at $125.


When you pay your parking fines, your record gets a fresh start.

Please take advantage of this; nobody enjoys giving or getting expensive parking tickets!



Extra Incentive: if you come in to pay your violation on the same day you will receive a discounted charge; a 1st violation will be exchanged for a $3 day permit. All other violations can be reduced by ½.

By Bus

To get between these two campuses all you need to do is “JUMP” on the bus, that is. The JUMP bus will take you East and West along Arapahoe to whichever campus you are looking for. If you are headed to the Nalanda Campus just get on the Eastbound JUMP bus right in front of the Arapahoe Campus and ride it to 63rd Street. You will find the Nalanda Campus on the northwest corner of Arapahoe and 63rd Street. If you are coming from the Nalanda Campus and are heading to the Arapahoe Campus, get on the Westbound JUMP bus and take it to 21st Street. Cross the street at the crosswalk and you will be at the Arapahoe Campus. The JUMP bus runs roughly every 10 minutes at Peak hours between 7:00am and 6:00pm. Off peak, the buses run roughly every 20–25 minutes.

By Bike or On Foot

To get to the Nalanda Campus from the Arapahoe Campus:

  1. Head south through CU Family Housing to the Boulder Creek Path
  2. Go left/head East
  3. Follow the Boulder Creek Path until you pass under Foothills Parkway (157) and keep to your right
  4. Then follow Arapahoe Ave. using the multi-use path on the North side of the street
  5. At 55th, either follow the sidewalk on foot until 63rd Street or cross Arapahoe at 55th and continue on Arapahoe by bike on the on-street bike lane to 63rd Street.

To get from Nalanda to the Arapahoe Campus:

  1. Follow the sidewalk on foot or the on-street bike lane by bike to 55th
  2. Join the multi-use path and follow to Boulder Creek Path at Foothills Prkwy (157)
  3. Follow the Boulder Creek Path to the turn off at CU Family Housing (just past the football field)
  4. Head north into campus.

By Car

To get to the Nalanda Campus from the Arapahoe Campus:

  1. Head east along Arapahoe to 63rd St.
  2. Turn Left on 63rd Street
  3. Turn left into the parking lot
To get from Nalanda to the Arapahoe Campus
  1. Take Arapahoe west
  2. Turn left on 20th St, following the Naropa parking signs
  3. Turn left on Marine St and follow it to the main parking lot
See more information about Naropa Campuses.

By Bus, Bike, Foot or By Car

To get from Snow Lion to any other Campus, walk/drive south on 20th, west one block on Grove and south again on 21st. By car head east on Arapahoe Ave to access Nalanda; on foot, bike or bus, cross the street at the lighted crosswalk and proceed as you would by bus, bike or foot from Arapahoe Campus. To get to Snow Lion from any other campus, proceed as you would to the Arapahoe Campus and then walk/drive one block north from the Arapahoe Campus on 21st, turn left or west on Grove street and then right or north on 20th you will soon have Snow Lion on your left-hand side on the southwest corner of Goss and 20th.

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Naropa Campuses Closed on Friday, March 15, 2024

Due to adverse weather conditions, all Naropa campuses will be closed Friday, March 15, 2024.  All classes that require a physical presence on campus will be canceled. All online and low-residency programs are to meet as scheduled.

Based on the current weather forecast, the Healing with the Ancestors Talk & Breeze of Simplicity program scheduled for Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday will be held as planned.

Staff that do not work remotely or are scheduled to work on campus, can work remotely. Staff that routinely work remotely are expected to continue to do so.

As a reminder, notifications will be sent by e-mail and the LiveSafe app.  

Regardless of Naropa University’s decision, if you ever believe the weather conditions are unsafe, please contact your supervisor and professors.  Naropa University trusts you to make thoughtful and wise decisions based on the conditions and situation in which you find yourself in.