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Interdisciplinary Studies Major

In an increasingly complex world, questions and issues cannot be addressed from single disciplinary perspectives. Interdisciplinary Studies enables students to study, explore, and research between and across disciplines. We build a more holistic way of looking at questions and issues of the 21st century and provide the interdisciplinary tools to work in the world “to meet it and change it for the better.” The Interdisciplinary Studies major enables students to hold more flexible, spontaneous, and open-minded approaches to their career and educational future. Interdisciplinary Studies students are well prepared for graduate studies in many fields. Some of our graduates go on to become film producers, writers, editors, community organizers, social activists, educators, and entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Death as Teacher

“Cultivating mindfulness and compassion, nonattachment to outcome, and approaching life’s possibilities with a beginner’s mind are the greatest lessons I received at Naropa.”—Seth Viddal, INTD Graduate

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