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MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Somatic Counseling: Dance/Movement Theories & Practice

Accepting Applications for Fall 2024 and 2025

2024 Deadlines:

    • Deadline to Apply & RSVP to Interview for Fall 2024 Admissions: July 19
    • Deadline for Completed Applications: July 24

2025 Deadlines:

    • Deadline to Apply for August 2025: Early Summer 2025

Interview Days: All applicants to a Naropa counseling program are required to attend an Interview Day. In-person and virtual options are offered throughout the year. There is no difference in the possibility of acceptance between in-person and virtual, so choose what works best for you.

An invite to RSVP for an Interview Day will be emailed immediately after submitting an application form. Except for the final Interview Day before the semester you have applied for, all admissions requirements (e.g., essay, recommendations, transcripts, etc.) can be submitted after your interview.

Keep in mind that programs have limited capacity, and it is highly recommended that you complete your application and interview as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance at securing a place if accepted. Once a program fills up, accepted students who did not reserve a spot by submitting the $250 Confirmation Deposit will be placed on a waitlist.  

Interview Days for 2024 Admissions

June 26 

Virtual via Zoom 

July 24

Virtual via Zoom

Interview Days for 2025 Admissions

June 26

Virtual via Zoom

July 24

Virtual via Zoom

October 25 

Virtual via Zoom 

November 16 

Nalanda Campus, Boulder, CO 

January 24 

Virtual via Zoom 

February 22 

Nalanda Campus, Boulder, CO 

March 21 

Virtual via Zoom 

April 25 

Nalanda Campus, Boulder, CO 

May 16 

Virtual via Zoom 

June 27 

Virtual via Zoom 

Apply online by creating a new account or signing in to an existing account. At the end of your application, you will be prompted to pay a $60 nonrefundable application fee. If your current financial situation warrants waiving your application fee, you may request a fee waiver.

Only one application will be accepted per applicant and you can only apply to one program at a time. Application fees are non-refundable.

After you submit the application form:

  • RSVP for an interview day using the email sent shortly after submitting the Statement of Interest.

  • Send out requests for letters of recommendation.

  • Submit all application requirements (e.g. resume, transcripts).

  • Order transcripts sent to Naropa if uploading unofficial copies is not possible.

  • After all application requirements have been submitted, an email will be sent confirming that the application is complete. 

We encourage you to be actively engaged in the admission process. Once you have submitted your application, log into your application account to check the status of your application and what requirements may still be outstanding.

When all application requirements have been submitted, including all letters of recommendation, you will receive an email notification that your application is complete. 

Naropa University requires transcripts from any and all institutions where undergraduate coursework was completed. Transcripts for coursework beyond the undergraduate level are not required. An official transcript of a conferred bachelor’s degree must be received by the Office of Admissions prior to beginning graduate coursework.

Transcripts that are uploaded as part of your application are not considered official. However, to expedite the admissions process, we encourage you to upload copies of your transcripts when possible.

If mailing, official transcripts should be sent to:

Naropa University
Office of Admissions
2130 Arapahoe Ave
Boulder CO 80302

Electronic transcripts from your university may be emailed to

Electronic official transcripts are acceptable if submitted through a secure transcript service used by your university. If you submit your transcripts by email as an attachment or upload them via your application account, they will not be accepted as official.

If you completed any coursework at a foreign college or university (other than a study abroad program), an international education evaluation is required.

Statement of Interest

Please address each of the following prompts in 6 double-spaced pages. Your essay should respond to both the prompts listed for all counseling concentrations, as well as the concentration-specific prompts. Please use the articles as a guide and reference them where appropriate. 

For all Concentrations:

  • What interested you to apply to Naropa University and the specific concentration within the Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) program, to which you are applying? 
  • What are your career goals relative to enrolling in this program?  
  • What experiences have you had in professional or volunteer capacities, which relate to the counseling field? What specifically did you learn about yourself or about counseling from this experience? 
  • Imagine that you witness a microaggression by a peer and toward another one of your peers. How would you respond?

Prompts specific to the Somatic Dance/Movement Theories & Practice concentration:

  • List and describe your training. The following is required for admission into this program: 
    • Expertise in at least two different dance (or movement) forms 
    • In-depth and dedicated experience in a minimum of one dance form 
    • Exposure to composition, choreography, performance, and dance history 
    • How is your particular background in the dance forms you studied relevant to the roots and practice of Dance/Movement Theories & Practice as you understand it? 

Attending an Interview Day and participating in both group interview sessions is a requirement to receive an admissions decision. All application requirements need not be submitted in order to interview – an invite to RSVP for an Interview Day will be emailed to all applicants who have submitted the application form.

Although a completed application is not a requirement to interview, programs have limited capacity and it is highly recommended that you complete your application as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance at securing a spot if accepted.

Interview Days are full-day events and consist of two group interview sessions – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – as well as additional programming designed to help inform your decision to enroll at Naropa. Options to interview in person at our campus in Boulder, Colorado, and remotely via Zoom will be offered.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Any registrant who fails to attend all mandatory portions of their Admissions Interview Day or notify the Admissions Office of their absence in advance, will have their application scored accordingly, resulting in a denial. 


  • Expertise in at least two different dance (or movement) forms 
  • In-depth and dedicated experience in a minimum of one dance form 
  • Exposure to composition, choreography, performance, and dance history 



  • 3 credits Intro to Psychology

  • 3 credits Abnormal Psychology or Theories of Personality


All courses are subject to approval and may require additional documentation such as a syllabus or course description.

A grade of “C” or above is required for all prerequisite coursework. All prerequisites are to be completed at accredited academic institutions for credit (not pass/fail or audited).

*Coursework need not be completed before applying. Applicants must submit an official transcript showing proof of completion of the prerequisite coursework and bachelor’s degree prior to the start of the program.

Domestic applicants: Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Learn more about how to apply for financial aid.

International applicants: Complete Naropa’s Financial Aid Application for International Students. Learn more about financial aid for international students.

In addition to other requirements, international applicants must also submit:

  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Evaluations of non-U.S. education records

If accepted to Naropa University, international students are required to submit the following for their student visa application:

  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Proof of funding for the first year of the program

Please see the International Students webpage for more information.

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