How to Apply to Naropa

International Students

At Naropa, you're home.

No matter where you're from, we believe you'll feel at home at Naropa University.

Our students hail from all corners of the world: London, Paris, Moscow, Sydney, Tehran, Tokyo, Beijing, and many places in between. And they continue to come here because—above all else—they're welcomed warmly here. They always will be.

It's a fundamental tenant of what this university is all about—inclusion, diversity, the sharing of culture, and the celebration of differences. These are the threads that strengthen the multicultural fabric of Naropa. The more diverse we are, the stronger we become.

And the stronger our students become, too. We know that because employers tell us they appreciate the international sophistication and understanding they bring with them to their jobs.

We hope you take a little time to get to know Naropa and feel the welcome we roll out especially for international students. Because here, you're home.

International Student Admission Requirements

To apply to Naropa as an international applicant, applicants must submit all of the undergraduate admissions requirements or graduate admissions requirements. In addition to these general admission requirements, international applicants must also complete the following international applicant admissions requirements:


English Proficiency Testing

International applicants must document their English language proficiency by submitting scores for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) tests. Applicants must earn the following required scores:


  • Internet test (iBT): 80 or higher
  • Computer test (cBT): 213 or higher
  • Paper test (pBT): 550 or higher


  • 6.5 or higher

Exceptions are granted for applicants from countries where English is one of the official national languages, or when English was the primary language of their previous schooling.

Non-U.S. Education Records

Undergraduate and graduate applicants must submit all required academic records from non-U.S. schools to a NACES-recognized agency for evaluation, regardless of country citizenship. Only after the transcript evaluations have been received and reviewed by the Office of Admissions will Naropa consider an offer of full acceptance, as well as issue the required documents to obtain your student visa.

Accepted International Student Requirements

Upon acceptance, international students who require a student visa to study in the US will coordinate with their Admissions Counselor to apply for a visa. Upon acceptance, international students should submit as early as possible:

  • The $250 Confirmation Deposit. The deposit confirms your intent to enroll at Naropa and reserves your place in the program. Deposits are submitted via your application account.
  • A copy of a valid passport. If you will be accompanied by any dependents, please provide copies of each dependent's passport.
  • Proof of finances. International students must show proof of having the finances to cover one year of the program. See the Financial Documentation section for more info. Additional finances are required for each dependent.
  • Any outstanding admissions requirements, such as official transcripts or transcript evaluations.

Once all of the above have been submitted, Naropa will begin the process of applying for your student visa. Because the time it takes to apply for a visa can vary greatly from country to country, we encourage international students to begin discussing the visa process with their Admissions Counselor as soon as possible.

For additional information on visa application requirements and procedures, please see the Study & Exchange section of the US Department of State website.