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Naropa University Supports PBS Broadcast of "The Vow From Hiroshima"

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BOULDER, COLORADOMay 24, 2024 – Naropa University is proud to share that the award-winning documentary, “The Vow From Hiroshima,” is set to launch on local and World PBS stations starting this weekend. Naropa is an underwriter for the PBS broadcast, with support from The Joanna Macy Center for Resilience and Regeneration. This partnership underscores Naropa’s and the Center’s commitment to social justice and fostering a more peaceful world, resonating deeply with the film’s themes of nuclear disarmament and responsible stewardship.

“The Vow From Hiroshima” is a poignant documentary that delves into the life of Setsuko Thurlow, a remarkable survivor of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. At just 13 years old when the bomb devastated her city in 1945, Setsuko’s harrowing experience is vividly captured in this intimate portrait. The film chronicles her enduring friendship with second-generation survivor Mitchie Takeuchi, offering a moving narrative of resilience and determination.

Setsuko’s story is one of tragedy and triumph, as she recalls being pulled from a burning building after the bomb’s impact, unable to save her 27 classmates who perished in the flames. This pivotal moment shaped her lifelong commitment to ensuring that no one else would suffer the same horrific fate.

Through decades of tireless activism, Setsuko’s journey culminates in a powerful milestone – the realization of her dream with the establishment of a Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) won Nobel Peace Prize in 2017. Setsuko made the acceptance speech in Oslo, Norway.

This powerful documentary emphasizes the devastating consequences of nuclear warfare and the ongoing movement for nuclear disarmament, themes that resonate deeply with Naropa’s mission and values. Naropa’s support for the film, along with the backing of The Joanna Macy Center for Resilience and Regeneration, can ignite vital conversations about responsible nuclear stewardship among nations possessing nuclear arsenals.

Naropa recently featured an interview with the film’s producer, Mitchie Takeuchi, on the university’s podcast, Mindful U. You can listen to the podcast here.

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About Mitchie Takeuchi

Mitchie Takeuchi is originally from Hiroshima and a long-time New York City resident. She has been a social entrepreneur, a writer and a filmmaker. Her grandfather, Dr. Ken Takeuchi, was the director of the Red Cross Hospital in Hiroshima when the city was leveled by the first use of an atomic bomb and he and her mother, Takako, survived. Wanting to share what really happened under the mushroom cloud, Mitchie produced and co-wrote The Vow from Hiroshima, interweaving the life story of Hiroshima survivor and activist Setsuko Thurlow, intergenerational activism, and the historic negotiations of The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. After the film had a successful year-long theatrical run in 19 cities in Japan, Mitchie received the 2021 Japan Film Renaissance Conference Peace Film Award. 

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