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Through a rich array of articles, interviews, multimedia offerings, and artwork, Naropa Magazine shares how Naropa’s mission of contemplative education manifests in the classroom through innovative approaches to teaching, learning, and research, and how that mission is expressed in the creative ways that students, alumni, and faculty “meet the world as it is and change it for the better.” Naropa Magazine is mailed to Naropa alumni and friends of Naropa University. Check out Naropa Magazine online.


Naropa University's Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics launched its low-residency MFA Creative Writing Degree in the fall of 2003. An online publication was an obvious inclusion. So what does "not enough night" mean? It's from Kerouac: "Not enough ecstasy for me, not enough life, joy, kicks, darkness, music, not enough night." It's about putting something vital back in. Check out not enough night.


Started in 1974, Bombay Gin is the literary journal of Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics—co-founded by Allen Ginsberg and Anne Waldman—at Naropa University. Edited by department faculty and students, Bombay Gin publishes innovative poetry, prose, and hybrid texts as well as art, translations, and interviews. Emerging from the “Outrider” or left-hand lineage, which operates outside the cultural mainstream, Bombay Gin honors a heritage of powerful scholarship and counter-poetics through the publication of work that challenges the boundaries of language, form, and genre. Check out Bombay Gin.


Something on Paper is an online poetics journal of scholarly utterance and conversation, archiving the critical work of the Jack Kerouac School as well as engaging with a broader community of writers, critics, and pedagogues. Each issue hosts cutting-edge literary/multimedia discourse and performs the liminal space between critical and creative texts. Our aim is to document the praxis of poetic exchange. Check out Something on Paper.