Connect and Network

Being involved in the alumnx network is fun! It's also great for your career, an easy way to keep up with friends, and a fabulous way to give back to the Naropa community.

Naropa alumnx know how special the educational experience is at Naropa University. We need you, our alumnx, to share your pride and love for Naropa with the rest of the world.

You can get involved with Naropa in a variety of meaningful ways:

Participation at any level is appreciated. And once you get involved, you'll find yourself smiling at being reconnected with Naropa people and looking for another opportunity to be part of the fun.

Volunteering time, attending events, and making financial and professional contributions also helps Naropa University directly. Most grant-making institutions take into account the level of volunteer participation, financial donors, or event attendees an organization has, so your presence really counts! In addition, much of the grant funding goes to provide scholarships for students. Many Naropa University events also truly rely on alumnx taking active roles in organizing and leading programs. So please think about how you might be able to contribute your gift to Naropa University and let us know! We're eager to find a place for you to participate.