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Naropa’s contemplative education will help you connect more deeply to yourself, to others, and the world at large.

And it starts with our passionate, idiosyncratic community.

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Naropa University is unlike any other college or university in the country offering a radically individualized education that allows you to not only explore your deepest passions but also your most profound self.

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Top Ten Reasons to Visit Naropa

  1. Because #snowboarding, #hiking, #climbing, #kayaking, #cycling.
  2. Because Boulder, Colorado, is an iconic college town filled with artists, seekers, extreme athletes, visionaries, entrepreneurs, techies, professors, and characters of all types.
  3. Because you will have the chance to experience the remarkable community that is Naropa.
  4. Because in Boulder you can’t swing a mala without hitting a yoga studio.
  5. Because on any given day you can eat vegan, paleo, locovore, gluten-free, organic, Nepalese, Mexican, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, Argentine, Creole, Japanese…should we go on?
  6. Because the views of the Flatirons will melt your heart.
  7. Because you will meet people whose lives have been transformed.
  8. Because you can get a fair trade espresso, like, everywhere.
  9. Because the weather. Seriously. 300 annual days of sunshine.
  10. Because this may just be the place where you will find your authentic self.

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