In addition to our core faculty, the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics invites more than sixty guest faculty members and writers each year, including the Allen Ginsberg Visiting Fellow, the Leslie Scalapino Lecturer in Innovative PoeticsWhat Where Series, and the Jack Kerouac School Spring Symposium. These events foster an intensely creative environment for students to develop their writing projects in conversation with a community of writers.

Naropa University welcomes participants with disabilities. Persons with questions about accessibility or who require disability accommodations should contact Kristin Bohan, 303-245-4637, at least two weeks prior to the event

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What Where Series Fall 2020

Performances: 7:00–9:00 p.m. // 


Zoom: please e-mail for zoom link to each reading!

Previous What Where Series
  • Harmony Holiday, Catherine Taylor, Brandon Shimoda, Tess Brown-Lavoie
  • Nicolas Gulig, Mariko Nagai, Phillip B. Williams, Brian Blanchfield
  • Janice Lee, Erik Anderson, Duriel E. Harris, Jennifer K. Dick
  • Gabrielle Civil, Amy Wright, Eugene Lim, Muriel Leung
  • Camille Dungy, Lydia Yuknvitch, Danielle Pafunda, Carolina Ebeid
  • Azareen Van Der Vliet Oloomi, Michael Friedman, Raza Ali Hasan
  • Cody-Rose Clevidence, Lisa Birman, Dan Beachy-Quick
  • Tina Brown Celona, Bin Ramke, and Miranda Mellis
  • Janice Gould, Kurt Gutjahr, and Rachel Levitsky
  • Teresa Carmody, HR Hegnauer, and CAConrad
  • Maureen Owen, Stephen Graham Jones, and TC Tolbert
  • Ruth Ellen Kocher, Reed Bye, and Megan Kaminski
  • Amina Cain, Jai Arun Ravine, and Lisa Linn Kanae
  • John Keene, Laura Mullen, and Carmen Gimenez Smith
  • Mark Amerika, J’Lyn Chapman, and Michael du Plessis
  • Lily Hoang, J Michael Martinez, and Idris Goodwin
  • Eric Baus, Joanna Ruocco, and Lidia Yuknavitch
  • Chris Pusateri, Serena Chopra, and Khadijah Queen
Kerouac School For Change
100K Poets For Change Global Event — Save Innisfree! w/ Bombay Gin Literary Journal

 – canceled due to COVID19- 

 Naropa Writing Center 20th Anniversary
– canceled due to COVID19-  
Low-Res Reading
Feat. Caren BeilinTrisha Low, Stephanie Young, Logan Fry

Friday, October 16, 2020 // 7:00 p.m. // via  Zoom: please e-
mail for zoom link to this reading!

Front Range 5×5 MFA Reading Series no.1

Tuesday, November 17, 2020  // 7:00 p.m. // via Zoom: please e-mail for zoom link to this reading!

NU – Naropa – Amy Bobeda
CSU – Ft. Collins
DU – Denver
CU – Boulder
UW – Wyoming

*series no. 3,4,5  TBA

Spring 2021
Lecture and Reading by Allen Ginsberg Visiting Fellow
Visiting Fellow: Cedar Sigo
February 8, 2021 // 7:00 p.m. // please register for zoom info here.

Previous Allen Ginsberg Visiting Fellows

  • Brian Teare
  • Juliana Spahr
  • Fred Moten
  • Rosa Alcalá
  • Kevin Killian
  • Lisa Robertson
  • Harryette Mullen
  • Alice Notley
  • Lyn Hejinian
Front Range 5×5 MFA Reading Series no.2
Tuesday, February 19, 2020  // Time: 7pm MST // via zoom: 861.1427.7720 (e-mail for pw)

NU – Naropa – Lester Mayers
CSU – Ft. Collins
DU – Denver (host) –
CU – Boulder
UW – Wyoming

*series no.3,4,5  TBA

Bombay Gin Contributor Reading
February 27, 2021 //Noon // via Zoom: please register!

feat. Amber Ridenour, Ava Hofman, Ada McCartney, Arthur Allen, Lysbeth Benkert, Nina Bisbano, Maria DeGuzman, Chase Dimock, Massimo Fantuzzi, Jodie Filan, Hugh Findlay, Thomas Frank, Lucía Hinojosa Gaxiola, Heikki Huotari, Lily Kosmicki, Adrian Lurssen, Alysse Kathleen McCanna, danielle moles, Annyston Pennington, Dominique K. Pierce, Hannah Rubin, Linda Saccoccio, Jonathan Simkins, Tika Simone, Kelly Weber

2021 Spring Symposium, “Translation as Experiment”: Leslie Scalapino Lecturer in Innovative Poetics
feat. Erín Moure
March 15 2021 // Time: 7:00 p.m.  // via Zoom: TBA
2021 Spring Symposium, “Translation as Experiment”: Reading
feat. Erín Moure, Johannes Göransson, Sawako Nakayasu, Jen Hofer, Anna Moschovakis, Mihret Kebede
March 16, 2021 // 7:00 p.m. // via Zoom: TBA
Previous Symposia
  • Diaspora & Poesis: Chrsitina Rivera Garza, Asiya Wadud, Zaina Alsous, Trinh T. Mih-ha
  • Writing in Emergent & Expanded Fields: Mike LaLa, angela rawlings, Jonah Mixon Webster, Ceclilia Vicuña
  • Embodied Poetics & Performance: Divya Victor, Rickey Laurentiis, Jordan Scott, Julia Carr
  • I / Not I: Symposium on Identity Poetics: Kazim Ali, Ana Merino, Ronaldo Wilson, Dorothy Wang
  • Queer Poetics 2014: Ana Bozicevic, Trace Peterson, Teresa Carmody, and Lucas de Lima
  • Territory 2013: Kass Fleisher, Sueyeun Juliette Lee,Craig Santos Perez, and Juliana Spahr
  • Violence and Community 2012: David Buuck, Melissa Buzzeo, Gabrielle Civil, Kate Zambreno
  • Frederick P. Lenz Distinguished Lecturer in American Buddhism: Gary Snyder
Women of Naropa celebrates Poetry Month
Naropa Writing Center Reading

April 22, 2021  // 6:00 p.m. // via Zoom: TBA

2021 BA/MFA Graduation Reading
Friday, May 14, 2021 // via Zoom: TBA BA from 5:00–6:00 p.m. //MFA from 7:00–9:30 p.m. Reception following each. Wondering what community events are happening throughout the year at Naropa University? There’s a calendar for that.
Summer Writing Program
2021: Carrier Waves vol.2 – ONLINE – Naropa Credit Students Only!

June 13-July 3 // Performing Arts Center // Arapahoe Campus // 2130 Arapahoe Ave

send us an e-mail t swp[at]naropa[dot]edu for SWP inquiries

Summer Writing Program Staff:
Allen Ginsberg (1926–1997); Beloved Spirit, Co-Founder
Anne Waldman; Artistic Director, Co-Founder
Jeffrey Pethybridge, Managing Director
Caroline ‘Swanee’ Swanson, Coordinator

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