Licensure & Credentialing

Graduates of the Graduate School of Counseling and Psychology (GSCP) have successfully obtained licensure throughout the United States and internationally.

Licensure in Colorado

Licensure in Colorado is available on a voluntary basis to masters' level professional counselors through the State Board of Licensed Professional Counselors.

To be licensed in Colorado, counselors must:

  • Submit syllabi and course descriptions for the courses that fulfill the eight LPC content areas;
  • Pass the National Counselor Examination (NCE)
  • Pass the Colorado Jurisprudence;
  • Complete 2,000 hours of postgraduate supervised clinical practice; and
  • Receive 100 hours of supervision over a minimum of twenty-four months.

Students may sit for the LPC exam as early as their last semester of graduate studies or anytime thereafter. There is a time limit of four years to complete all requirements from the date of application for licensure. Full details on Colorado licensure is available here Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA).

Whilst licensure is not required to practice in the state of Colorado, any person practicing psychotherapy in Colorado is required to register with the Colorado state database of psychotherapists as a Registered Psychotherapist. Failure to do so makes one subject to criminal and/or regulatory sanctions.

Student and Alumni Responsiblitites & Support

Licensure requirements of state boards and licensing agencies vary from state to state in the US, as well as internationally. Additionally, licensure requirements change over time. Consequently, successful completion of degree requirements is necessary for, but does not guarantee that a state or overseas board or licensing agency will accept a graduate's application for licensure, with some states and countries requiring additional course work not covered in a single graduate program. Thus, students are responsible for researching the educational requirements for the intended licensure or certification in the state(s), or countries, where they will seek licensure or certification.  Support in forming an individualized path towards licensure and navigating licensure requirements is available for students.

Additionally, students and Alumni should gather required resources in order to submit credentialing applications: syllabi are available from the GSCP Course Syllabi Archive, and course descriptions can be obtained from the relevant course catalog. Further credentialing and licensure guidance is available here: GSCP Licensure, Accreditation & Professional Development