The Lenz Residential Fellowship Application

The Frederick P. Lenz Residential Fellowship in Buddhism and American Culture and Values Program is an excellent opportunity for faculty and other professionals throughout the United States to study Buddhism as it relates to education, leadership, the arts and sciences, and a variety of additional interest areas. Various modes of Eastern thought, including Buddhism, are finding their way into such fields as neuroscience (studies into the cognitive impact of meditation), civic engagement (the application of peacemaking models to community advocacy and dispute resolution), and classroom pedagogy (the development of teaching techniques that address students’ inner journeys along with traditional academic content).

Note: only citizens and permanent residents of the United States are eligible for the Fellowship Program.

An Invitation for Proposals

The application cycle for the 2023–2024 academic year opportunity is now open!

The Lenz Fellowship is an opportunity for faculty and other professionals planning sabbaticals or other leaves-of-absence during the 2023–2024 academic year. The Lenz Fellow will spend a semester or a full year at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado conducting a research, artistic, social action, or other project that relates Buddhist philosophy and practice to an aspect of American culture or values.

Application Requirements

The application cycle for the 2023–2024 opportunity is now open! To apply, please submit the following by the application due date of January 31, 2023:

1. A cover letter not exceeding four single-spaced pages detailing the following:

  • Proposed project on the theme, Buddhism and American Culture & Values, including timeline and anticipated final product.
  • Prior education, professional work and accomplishments that lay the foundation for the proposed project.
  • Applicant’s prior study and/or involvement in meditation or other contemplative practice.
  • Proposed plan of study while on the Naropa University campus, detailing courses, faculty, centers, etc., with which the applicant wishes to affiliate.
  • Proposed lecture, teaching, workshop or other professional offering to the campus while in residency.
  • Budget request, including estimates for travel to/from Boulder, and other sources of funding during the Fellowship residency.
  • For our own research, we would greatly appreciate if you could include how you found out about this opportunity.

2. A detailed resume, curriculum vitae or professional biography.

3. For individuals on sabbatical or other leave from another institution, a letter of support from the applicant’s direct supervisor is required, including a statement about any sources of funding for the proposed leave. Independent scholars, artists and activists should include a letter from a colleague familiar with their work discussing the merits of the proposal.

Submission Instructions

The application cycle for the 2023–2024 academic year opportunity is now open! Application materials are accepted via mail or email.

Hard copy application materials may be sent to:

Lenz Residential Fellowship Program
Office of Academic Affairs
Naropa University
2130 Arapahoe Avenue
Boulder, CO 80302

Electronic applications and questions about the fellowship opportunity can be sent to Jason Davis.

For more information about the Fellowship or application process, contact Jason Davis.


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The program is designed to provide scholars, artists, activists and other leaders and practitioners from a variety of disciplines with an opportunity to reside in Boulder, Colorado, and affiliate with Naropa University during their sabbatical or other professional leave. It supports visiting fellows in the development of an artistic, social action, curriculum development or other research project on some aspect of Buddhism’s contributions to American education and society. The residential experience affords fellows an opportunity to immerse themselves in the university’s varied curricular and community offerings, as well as complete a program of study and a project that contributes to their own professional field or another area of American culture and society.