Mission and Values

Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values

Naropa has a mission that is unique among America’s institutions of higher learning: We are the only school in the country that grounds the student experience in contemplative education principles.

Through rigorous academics, contemplative practice, and experiential learning, we look to prepare people with knowledge, wisdom, and skills so they can “be the change” in their workplaces and communities, and live joyous, meaningful lives.

Naropa's Purpose

We exist to cultivate compassionate, creative, and critical engagement with an everchanging world through the discipline of contemplative education.

Naropa's Vision

Naropa envisions an interconnected global community that embodies an everlasting commitment to personal actions, interpersonal relations, and vocations that promote individual, social, and ecological liberation and wellbeing.

Naropa's Mission

We commit to create a more just and regenerative world by nurturing student insight and awareness, courage, and compassion. Through contemplative pedagogy, critical thinking, and active engagement we offer students the skills they need to authentically engage as effective, mindful leaders.

Naropa Values

  1. Foster lifelong learning, meaningful lives and success for students and graduates.
  2. Expand our leading-edge of contemplative education that embraces inner discovery and learning.
  3. Build a culture of belonging and challenge systems of oppression that undermine human dignity.
  4. Awaken and renew ecological interconnection and commit to regenerative practices, choices and leadership.
  5. Cultivate capacity for authentic and trusting relationships and practice radical compassion.
  6. Champion active responsibility and courageous, effective and inspired engagement with the world.
  7. Invoke artistic expression of the full human experience through creative awareness.