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Sustainability at Naropa



Statement of Commitment to the Practice of Sustainability

At Naropa, we view the practice of sustainability as essential to the current and future needs of this planet and its inhabitants through the acknowledgement of the deep interrelationship between all beings and phenomena. Naropa University aspires to be a leader that promotes the individual and collective integration of sustainability, social justice, and spiritual well-being. Naropa University is committed to sustainability-in-action, employing strategic initiatives to move the community towards specific goals, such as, but not limited to, zero waste, climate neutrality, and 100% renewable energy.



Personal Sustainability

Tools and practices for living a whole, inspired life of purpose.

Ecological Sustainability

Right relationship with nature through ecologically sustainable practices.

Sustainability of Social Equity

Social sustainability is ecological sustainability.

Mindful Transportation

Low-carbon transportation methods.


The Naropa University Office for Sustainability

Director: Michael Bauer

Sustainability Specialist: Bethany Derby

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