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Evolution of Our Strategic Direction

Our Big 5 Strategic Priorities

Our Big 5 Strategic Priorities evolved out of the substantial visioning work that was undertaken by faculty and staff in 2017 in the Create 2022 strategy work. They also evolved from the work completed on Envisioning 2023.

Visual representing the evolution of Naropa's strategic direction

Strategic Plan: "Create 2022"

The Naropa University Board of Trustees and the other groups that have been deeply involved in strategic planning—the meta team, the stewardship team and senior staff—voted unanimously in September 2017 to accept Naropa’s strategic plan, “Create 2022.”

This vote followed a spirited and honest set of daylong conversations and brought to a conclusion the process that so many have been involved in over the past several years. The need for such a plan originally came about as the board and president recognized the imperative for Naropa to attain greater focus and sustainability in its activities and aspirations. Accomplishing the powerful, ambitious goals set forward in the plan will truly transform Naropa’s culture. This will require courage and hard work from Naropa community members, but the result will be a future that will enrich in new ways all who are associated with Naropa: students, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni and friends. It is a breakthrough moment in Naropa’s history, both in our own judgment and in that of board members who have been engaged with Naropa since the institution’s founding in 1974.

Plan Outline

Our goals in creating the plan:

  • Advance Naropa’s reputation as a leader in contemplative and socially-transformative practices through meaningful contributions and community partnerships, increasing our influence locally and in the world
  • Optimize our use of space in a way that advances our mission and values, including inclusivity, accessibility, affordability, sustainability, and growth
  • Create a smooth functioning university that embodies contemplative administration and supports collaboration and inclusion
  • Create and enhance a vibrant culture of student support
  • Educate our students to meet the world’s needs with a relevant and socially transformative curriculum delivered residentially, online, and in other hybrid formats to make the curriculum broadly accessible

Download Create 2022 Strategic Plan

View the Strategic Plan Approved by the Board of Trustees on September 14, 2017

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