The 8th episode of our university podcast, Mindful U at Naropa is now live on iTunes, Sticher & Fireside!

Episode 8 – Stephen Polk: A City by and for the People

In this episode, Core Candidate Assistant Professor at Naropa Stephen Polk, MA imagines what an ideal city might be like. Specifically, Polk addresses four different aspects of a city ecosystem: community ownership, ecological sensibility, economic democracy, and people power. Polk asks, how might the city look differently if you were given more power to shape the contours of the cityscape, or to shape the available institutional fabric? How could our systems be organized differently politically? How could our systems be organized differently economically? What might a different economic system look like? And how could that economic system provide more material security, freedom, and more?

Stephen Polk is a 14 year social and ecological activist based in the Denver Metro area. He received his MA from the University of Colorado Denver in Political Science. His master thesis analyzed the political and practical dimensions of permaculture within Denver’s collective community, the community in which he has called home for the last 12 years. Stephen has worked primarily on a community level addressing issues ranging from anti-oppression and truly affordable housing, to the construction of regenerative systems in communal settings. Stephen is a Core Candidate Assistant Professor in the Environmental Studies Program.

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