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Estate & Planned Giving

Estate Planning Checklist: Ensure Your Wishes Are Honored

Ever thought about leaving a lasting impact on Naropa University’s future? Well, it’s never too early to start planning! Consider including a charitable gift for Naropa University in your estate plan. Even a modest-sized planned gift can make an enormous difference in the lives of Naropa’s students, faculty, and staff.

Life is full of changes, and your estate plan should adapt accordingly. Whether you’ve welcomed a new baby, moved to a new home, experienced a financial windfall or loss, or had a change in your relationship status, it’s time to review your estate plan. Make sure it aligns with your current goals and aspirations. 

To help you out, we’ve prepared a handy checklist:

  1. Update Your Will: Check for any necessary updates due to changes in your life or beneficiaries. 
  2. Consider Tax Law Changes: Think about how adding a gift to Naropa University might impact your plan. 
  3. Choose the Right Executor: Ensure the person you’ve designated is still the right fit for managing your estate. 
  4. Guardian for Dependents: If you have minor children who are now grown, consider whether a guardian is still needed. 
  5. Review Beneficiaries: Double-check the beneficiaries for your insurance and retirement plans to keep things up to date. 
  6. Title Your Assets Properly: Make sure your assets will go to the right people and organizations according to your wishes. 
  7. Health Care Power of Attorney: Include this to guide your family and health care providers in the event that you can’t make decisions for yourself.
  8. Collaborate with Your Attorney: Work with an estate planning attorney to make any necessary updates. 
  9. Keep Beneficiaries Informed: Don’t leave your loved ones in the dark—inform them of their status to avoid surprises later.

Make a Meaningful Mark Through Your Estate

Supporting Naropa University through your estate plan means creating a lasting legacy of generosity. Imagine the positive impact your gift can have on future generations of Naropa students and contemplative educators! To get started or learn more about how you can invest in Naropa’s future, reach out to Sharla Owens, Associate Vice President for Development, at

Disclaimer—Seek Professional Advice

While we’re excited about your interest in supporting Naropa University, we want to remind you that the information provided here isn’t legal, tax, or financial advice. For personalized guidance on your gift and estate planning matters, please consult your own legal, tax, or financial professionals. Let’s make your generosity count! Together, we can shape a brighter future for Naropa University and beyond.

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