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You’ve likely heard the great quote from Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

If you’ve ever wondered how to be that change, search no further than Naropa University. Every day, day in and day out, students at Naropa “meet the world as it is, and change it for the better”.

We think of being involved in school offerings as more than an elective—it’s a key part of how to live. You’ll find Naropa is a school of action, involvement, and commitment—teeming with activities and opportunities to develop your spirit of contribution.

And we make sure you have plenty of opportunities to be involved! From leadership and student government to student groups to campus programming and activities—you’ll always find an avenue to “be the change.”

Student Groups

Naropa offers a fascinating variety of student groups you can participate in!  Regularly attending student group meetings and fulfilling a role within a student organization helps you stay active doing something you love, build community, and also develop practical skills and leadership. And don’t forget—you can always start a new student group! Below are the current registered Student Groups in Spring 2022. 

  • The Naropa Alliance for Psychedelic Studies (NAPS) is an alliance that aims to support psychedelic literacy and community through education and dialogue about the historical and current convergence of psychedelics with psychology, sustainability, spirituality, social justice, science, and more. The rich traditions and disciplines of Naropa University serve as the animate tapestry upon which our psychedelic conversations are woven. We hold regular meetings and host a wide variety of speakers from the greater field of psychedelics and consciousness studies.
  • Concussed and Other Neurodivergent Folx. We aim to build a community of neurodivergent folx, as we know that the invisible nature of brain differences can leave many feeling isolated. We welcome all who have been impacted by brain injury, concussions, malformations, disease- either directly as a survivor or indirectly as a caregiver or friend. We will build group dynamics through sharing and writing, providing resources and tools, and consistent acknowledgment of the challenges posed while struggling with an invisible injury.
  • ​​​​Queer Coalition of Naropa is devoted to curating a community-based organization that strives to curate spaces for Queer folx. This coalition is persistent in its endeavors to transform the dialogue about Gender-based violence, restorative justice, queer liberation, and BIPOC reparations/excellence. We are looking for passionate, compassionate, and fiercely educated individuals who seek to transform systemic dialogue about queer folx from the inside out. This group decenters and socially dismantles whiteness by seeking to decolonize the history, current affairs, and future ambitions of the queer community. Through compassionate communication, mutual aid, wisdom in action, and fierce acceptance of ourselves, we hope to encourage Queer and BIPOC leaders and their social development in compassionate community.
  • Students of Color & Allies (SOCA) is a group that focuses on creating a supportive space of rest and renewal for students of color. The group is open to undergraduate and graduate students, staff, alumni, and faculty but centers on the student experience.
  • Anti-Racist Whites & Allies (ARWA) is a group open to undergraduate and graduate students, staff, alumni, and faculty. For the Spring 2022 semester, ARWA is facilitated by Amanda Aguilera. This group is designed to be for you to reflect, connect and discuss anti-racism and our individual and collective journeys with anti-racism.
  • Bhakti Yoga. Join us for ecstatic connections as we explore the spirit of loving devotion. The whole intention for the Naropa Bhakti Yoga club is to discover what loving devotion means to people through the exploration of Krishna Consciousness. Loving devotion comes in many forms some of which include Kirtan or devotional chanting, the partaking of Prasadam or blessed vegetarian food offered to Krishna, and good association with devotees. Devotees are people who wish to learn and feel a connection to divine love and do acts of service for the love of Krishna or Radhe-Krishna.
  • Dungeons and Dragons Club.
  • Community Art Studio. Drop-in art studio. Graduate students offer support to students with their creative inquiries. Art demonstrations offered. Materials and art storage provided.
  • Bodies in Motion. Playing with body and spatial dynamics through music and movement – in a facilitated group setting.
  • Devotional Singing Club connects students through the yoga of sound including the practices of kirtan, bhajan, rāga, and mantra. We strive to cultivate community through devotional events and celebrations.

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