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Tuition Rates 2024-2025

Block Tuition for Undergraduates

Block Tuition Rate
Applies to students enrolled in 12-18 credit hours for a semester
Per Credit tuition Rate
Applies to students enrolled in fewer than 12 credit hours and for any credit hours above 18
Student fee*
Applies to various student resources and the Student Union (SUN).
Student Health Insurance 
Applies to all residential undergraduate & international students enrolled in at least 12 credit hours

$1506/ Fall semester

$1481/ Spring semester

*This fee does not apply to students who are enrolled under 6 credit hours. For more information about the SUN portion of this fee, please contact the Naropa University Student Union at

† Full-time residential students (students taking 12 or more credits) will automatically be charged for health insurance unless the student takes steps to waive the insurance. The amount is an estimate based on the previous year’s rates, as the upcoming year rates have not yet been finalized. This fee does not apply to students who are attending an online program.

Sample Tuition Bills

A sample tuition bill for a residential (at least one in-person course) undergraduate student registered for 12-18 credit hours for a semester will contain the following charges:

12–18 credits – Residential
Block Tuition$18,060
Student Fee$250
Student Health Insurance$1,506* (amount for fall 2024)

*unless waived with comparable coverage

A sample tuition bill for a fully online undergraduate student registered for 12-18 credit hours for a semester will contain the following charges:

12–18 credits – Online
Block Tuition$18.060
Student Fee$250

Other Details

Fall 2024: August 19, 2024
Spring 2025: January 6, 2025

Tuition is due Monday of the week before classes start. Failure to pay by the deadline or to adhere to a payment plan agreement could result in late fees, interest charges and even disenrollment. While the student risks disenrollment for non-payment, it is still the student’s responsibility to drop classes if the student has no intention of attending.

Once you register for courses, you can view your tuition bill by accessing the Student Finance section of Self-Service.

A student’s cost of attendance includes direct costs paid to the university (i.e. tuition & fees), as well as estimated indirect costs a student will incur, which are not included in their tuition bill (i.e. books & supplies).

The cost of attendance is determined using guidelines established by the Colorado Commission of Higher Education and assumes that students are limiting expenses by sharing housing, utilizing public transportation, etc.

Living expenses (room and board, books, transportation, personal and miscellaneous) are about $2,718/month. The following demonstrates expected expenses associated with attending school full-time for 9 months (living off campus).

Housing and Food$16,785
Books, Course Materials, Supplies & Equipment$1,256
Personal & Misc.$6,642
Loan Fee$226
Total Indirect Costs$26,214

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Naropa Campuses Closed on Friday, March 15, 2024

Due to adverse weather conditions, all Naropa campuses will be closed Friday, March 15, 2024.  All classes that require a physical presence on campus will be canceled. All online and low-residency programs are to meet as scheduled.

Based on the current weather forecast, the Healing with the Ancestors Talk & Breeze of Simplicity program scheduled for Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday will be held as planned.

Staff that do not work remotely or are scheduled to work on campus, can work remotely. Staff that routinely work remotely are expected to continue to do so.

As a reminder, notifications will be sent by e-mail and the LiveSafe app.  

Regardless of Naropa University’s decision, if you ever believe the weather conditions are unsafe, please contact your supervisor and professors.  Naropa University trusts you to make thoughtful and wise decisions based on the conditions and situation in which you find yourself in.