Introduction and Mission

The Naropa University Archives and Records Program is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of the University's records.

As the University Archives, the primary mission is to collect, organize, make accessible, and preserve records documenting Naropa University's foundation, development, and growth from small Buddhist institution into a fully accredited university.

As the Records Program for Naropa University, the primary mission is to develop and implement a records management program that will effectively manage records throughout their entire life-cycle.

This resource contains approximately 2,000 audio recordings from our institutional archives. Enter the Naropa University Digital Archives

The audio files have been digitized from the Naropa audio tape collection, which consists of over six thousand tapes of events at Naropa University over its forty year life span. These tapes record seminal events in the world of education and the arts, including important writers, teachers, and religious leaders. The collection grows every year, as new conferences, the Summer Writing Program, and visiting faculty workshops and lectures are recorded and added to the collections.

The Naropa University Archive is housed offsite and is currently closed to staff, faculty, students and researchers.

For further information, please contact library staff at .

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