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LeapYear Gap Year Experience

Freshman & Sophomore Year Study Abroad Alternative

Bringing together international experiential learning with a program of self-inquiry, LeapYear creates a "bridge year" to support students’ conscious transition from high school to college and development from adolescence into adulthood.

LeapYear Gap Year Experience 

The most unique year of college on the planet  

LeapYear combines international travel, experiential learning, and rigorous self-inquiry in a “bridge year” to university readiness and adulthood. Students participate in LeapYear as an alternative university first, second, and/or gap year study abroad experience. 

LeapYear brings together the best of international experiential learning with a contemplative education framework to prepare students for their future college careers.  

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Student Highlight

"From LeapYear I have gained a powerful foundation for a life of growth, meaning, clarity, and integrity. With the tools LeapYear has given me, I discover more each day what it means to live a life of learning, loving and ever-returning to myself and my path."

— Kristen
LeapYear Participant

the LEAPYEAR program

Two semesters (Fall-Spring or Spring-Summer) of transformative learning experiences including:

  • 9-10 weeks of group travel in South Asia or Central America
  • 9-12 weeks of an individual internship, in your area of interest, chosen from sites worldwide
  • 3-4 immersive retreats, book-ending the travel portions of the year to integrate, reflect, and carry forward the learning experiences of the year
  • 30 college credits towards a bachelor's degree at Naropa University or transferred to your university of choice
  • Full-time enrollment at Naropa University, with full access to federal financial aid (FAFSA) & generous additional scholarships
Group TRAVEL Abroad

During the first semester of a LeapYear, students travel in groups of 8–12 with two experienced adult leaders. Students have a choice of traveling to India or Latin America.

The emphasis is on breadth of experience—immersion in the language, sampling of diverse short-term internships, social service work, trekking, work with endangered animals or on behalf of the environment, and completion of  short-term yoga or meditation retreats. During these group travel months, students learn the skills they will need to live, travel and work independently during the individual internship in the second half of the year.

The inner journey is facilitated through four residential retreats totaling eight weeks that are held in Colorado.  These retreats, ranging in length from eight to twenty-one days, form the backbone of the LeapYear program. Students put aside their phones, iPods, texting and Internet to minimize distraction and virtual engagement, and focus on hearing their unique and guiding inner voice. During this time, students are introduced to their curriculum, Naropa courses designed specifically for LeapYear to develop the whole human being. The daily schedule for each retreat includes three to five hours of participatory and embodied classes in our studio, one hour of a physical discipline (yoga, t'ai chi, dance), four hours of outdoor work or cooking/baking, and some free time.
course requirements

LeapYear is a 30-credit program consisting of two 15-credit semesters.

First Semester (15 credits)

LCOR110 Practice & Community (3 credits)

Nepal/India Group Travel
LCOR120 Cultural Immersion: Nepal/India (6 credits)
LCOR125 Wisdom Traditions of Nepal/India (6 credits)


Latin America Group Travel
LCOR121 Spanish Language Immersion (6 credits)
LCOR126 Cultural Immersion: Latin America (6 credits)

Second Semester (15 credits)

COR150 Diversity Seminar (3 credits)
LCOR140 The Whole Human Being (6 credits)
LCOR155 The World as Classroom (4 credits)
LCOR160 Being the Change (2 credits)

Total: 30 Credits

Age eligibility
Minimum age is 17 by the start of the program (not negotiable). Maximum age is 24.
  • No previous language proficiency is required.
  • Participants must have completed high school in order to enroll for college credit and financial aid.  Previous college experience, whether from Naropa University or elsewhere, is fine. The program may also be attended for high school completion.
  • You must be able to attend the full program - September to May, or February to August.
  • We don't accept tobacco users, or anyone in the active grip of any other addiction.
  • Anyone in reasonable physical condition should be able to complete the program successfully. 
  • A vegetarian diet can be sustained throughout the program.
Program Dates 

The Fall 2018 cohort runs September 2018 through May 2019. Note: we are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2018.

The Spring 2019 cohort runs February through August 2019. Note: we are no longer accepting applications for Spring 2019.

The Fall 2019 cohort runs September 2019 through May 2020. Apply today!


how to apply 

  1. Complete our online application. Applications are submitted through Naropa University and are accepted on a rolling basis. 
  2. Once your application is received, we will contact you to arrange an interview.  
  3. Applicants are notified of acceptance shortly after interviewing. 
  4. Work with Naropa University’s admissions counselors and LeapYear staff to get prepared for the most unique year of your life!