By Alexis Pokorny

Hi! I’m a first year student in the MFA Theater: Contemporary Performance at Naropa.

I am working on Under Construction, a production featuring the 2nd year MFA ensemble, as the stage manager. This is the first show I have ever stage managed, and I really like it so far! I’m running the sound while another first year is running the light board. I feel like I got to learn about an entirely different side to theater while working on the other end. Instead of being on the stage, I was able to sit through the rehearsal process and watch these very talented artists create this piece.

It has truly been an inspiring first piece to work on at Naropa. I feel like I’m learning so much about theater from working with this cohort and seeing how they work together, to the technical side of theater that I haven’t experienced much of before this. My dream as an artist is to eventually own my own theater company. Being able to work on the technical side of theater is showing me not only how much I want to make that dream a reality, but also how much I still need to learn to make that dream possible. I feel very fortunate to have been able to work on this piece.

Under Construction runs through this weekend, get your tickets today!

William Burroughs 1
Rebecca Buckey as William S. Burroughs in the elevator at the Nalanda Campus.
William Burroughs 2
I feel like I am learning everyday from these amazing artists because of things like this. Here you see an artist has made an everyday object in to a stage.
William Burroughs 3
They are using every bit of this architecture to tell their story, and to me that’s what makes art interesting—going outside of the theater to show that art doesn’t have to be confined to one space.